Hunt the Does

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Most of you seasoned veterans should know this by now. I am looking to give some tips to the newbies and the ones that don't have much experience or wasn't brought up around outdoor activity like myself. If you are having a hard time locating bucks and it seems like all you see are does and maybe a few smaller bucks every now and then don't worry. Just set your spots up close to where these does are and you will eventually see the bigger bucks. Try setting yourself up back off of some field edges where you see does and this usually works. 


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  Hunting pretty much the


Hunting pretty much the same area in Ohio I totally agree with you ManOfTheFall.   How did your decoy work though?  I had one and set up on Dad's property one year.  The doe's and bucks didn't like it.  Once they saw it they always hesitated to be in the same field with it.  Maybe it was my scent on it?  Just curious how your decoy worked.


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Last year was the first time

Last year was the first time I really got to use the decoys. I had a couple smaller bucks come into the buck decoy, but everything else stayed away from the doe decoy. I may try them a little again this year and see what happens again.

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Yep, if you hunt the does,

Yep, if you hunt the does, you have a better chance at the bucks in the rut. Where the does are, the bucks won't be too far behind.

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Great stuff to remember MOTF,

Great stuff to remember MOTF, We dont get to many chances at does out here, wish we had more.

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Yeah, this year one of the

Yeah, this year one of the properties I hunt has a large doe population and I will be using a decoy for the first time this year.

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Great tip. I'm hunting a

Great tip. I'm hunting a public area this year that is over crowded with does since you can shoot bucks only. I bet the doe to buck ratio is atleast 10:1. If you find the does the bucks will eventually come around during the rut. Using a deer decoy in this situation helps also.