How to Tell Good Acorns From Bad

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When there's a bumper acorn crop, deer will search out the choice mast. Here's a simple way to identify the sweetest nuts. Capped acorns like red oak acorns with caps on are bitter and less preferred by deer. White oak acorns that hold their caps are usually fine. Capless acorns like cream or brightly colored capless nuts have solid meat. Dark brown capless acorns will be wormy or otherwise rotten.


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good  tip, thanks

good  tip, thanks

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deer prefer white acorns over

deer prefer white acorns over almost any food. If you can find them then your set. Have you been reading this months issue of North American Hunter???? lol

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Good tip

That would be a great tip but we have none here?????

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You mean you don't just eat

You mean you don't just eat them to check them out?  :) 

Good tip

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Very good tip.

Very good tip.