How to Moly Coat Your Bore

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First make sure your gun is safe, remove the bolt and clean your barrel from the chamber to the end of muzzle. Clean the barrel using butchers bore shine until a patch comes out white. Run a total of 5 separate patches soaked with denatured alcohol through the bore and let dry for 30 minutes. Insert a cleaning rod with a jag and a dry patch into the neck of the chamber. Make sure it will stay there through the next process. Now using another cleaning rod, install a patch that has been coated with spray moly aerosol lube from the muzzle end. Run the patch until it comes into contact with the clean dry patch in the neck of the chamber. Do this 10 times. Remove the cleaning rod from muzzle end of barrel. Now push the clean dry patch in the chamber on out of the muzzle of the gun. The bore is now coated with moly lube. You should only have to clean your barrel once in 50 shots if using moly coated bullets. In my 30.06 this will increase muzzle velocity 175 feet a second. With 5 inch high at 100 yards, muzzle velocity at 3400 using a nosler 180 grain ballistic bullet in a 30.06. You will be dead on at 500 yards, and with scope mounted axis of scope 2.25 inch above center of barrel  


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This sounds like a great

This sounds like a great thing so I may give it a try on one of my older rifles that I don't hunt with much anymore. I dont' want to get to crazy with my main hunting rifle before I find out how well it will work out.

It's not the extra velocity that interests me as much as easier cleaning. I clean regular anyway but the less copper that gets stuck to the barrel the happier I am.

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moly coating your "bore" ??

I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but I thought I would comment for the sake of saving a barrel or two !

You don't want to moly coat your "BARREL" !  moly coat the bullets and treat the barrel with a polymeric synthetic oil like TETRA, or another of the good metal penetrating synthetics - You moly coat bullets by running them, washed and dried, in a tumbler with a bit of moly powder (Midway sells it in small tubs) for an hour or two, then sort them out using a pasta spoon or something to allow the moly dust to sift back into the tumbler and run them again for 20 minutes or so in corn cob (best to have two separate tubs with moly or corn cob in separate tubs) that way you have prettier bullets and that won't get your fingers all black and yukky - FYI !  WARNING !!  moly dust is dangerous, as in NOT GOOD FOR YOU !!  it will also get into your eyes and feel like a flash burn from welding - SORT THE BULLETS IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA AND WEAR SAFETY GLASSES AND A DUST PARTICULATE MASK  -  in closing: 3400 fps from an '06 shooting 180's is SUICIDE to even TRY !!  you'll NEVER get there, not even close !! 

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Molly coating the bore of a

Molly coating the bore of a rifle was all the rage back in the mid to late 70's and then if fell away.  The same with molly coated bullets.  Barnes make quite a few and I still shoot them when I can find a supply but I would not go to the trouble of coating a rifle bore since you will have to redo it quite often as you shoot it and it wears. 

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Thanks for the tip that sure sounds easier enough.  is tehre any down side to moly coating?  It seems so easy, why doesn't everyone do it to gain teh extra velocity and save on cleaning?

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I need to ask you a question

I need to ask you a question on where you are getting your loading data from to make a 180 grain 30 caliber bullet out of a 30-06 at 3400 fps?  If you look in the Barnes #3 manual that list a 180 grain XLC BT witch is a coated bullet the maximum velosity is 2857 fps and coating the bore isn't going to get you another 400 fps.  Even if you jump up to the mighty .30-378 Weatherby the maximum fps is only 3396 for a maxinum load with safe pressures and a lot more powder than a .30-06 could ever hold. 

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moly coat a barrel

OK, a friend of mine who is 75 years old,a combat vet of Korea and Viet Nam and a ex sniper who has his own firing range,still teaches hand to hand combat,and is a gun smith.That is where I got the info on how to moly coat a barrel.I figure he know's more than I so I took him at his word on this information.I did wonder also on the bullet fps as I was looking at some bullet speeds in a book.Sorry if the bullet speed was overstated,but coating your barrel should be accurate. 

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great stuff, thanks

great stuff, thanks

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Great Tip

Great Tip

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Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

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moly coat bore

I can't take the credit,a friend of mine who runs his own shooting range, is a gun smith among other things told me how.Later on I will post how to make your own moly coated ballistic bullets later on,from him also.