Homemade Scent Killer

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16 oz. (2cups) 3% peroxide ( the brown bottle stuff works fine)
16 oz. (2cups) distilled water
1/4 cup baking soda
1 oz. non scented shampoo
If you want to make a bigger batch just keep the ratios intact.

Mix baking soda and water together until soda is dissolved.
Add peroxide and soap and finish mixing together.
Let sit for several days (a gallon milk jug works good with lid loose to let gas escape).
Put in a spray bottle and and you are ready to rock.


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I have read of some other

I have read of some other home made ones but I had not seen this one before. I'm willing to give it a try since it won't cost me anything. I have never purchased scent control products before because a lot of them are quite expensive and I'm not convinced as to how well they work. Usually just watching the wind is the best scent control strategy that I have. Like I said I will give this one a try while still watching the wind and with the 2 together I should get even better results.

Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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Like Critter says I'll have

Like Critter says I'll have try it on a scouting trip.

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I might have to try that on a

I might have to try that on a scouting trip

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I would really like to try

I would really like to try this. Does anyone know if it really works?

Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip

Homemade Scent Killer

Interesting... thanks.

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This is the 2nd tip I seen on scent control. Does this really work well compared to what's on the market?