Hit the Mark on Feral Hogs

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As ethical hunters we all want to deliver a fatal blow to our prey. A well placed shot should bring most animals down within 100 yards. But if you fail to connect with the heart or lungs the tracking job can be near impossible at times. Most of us are familiar with the vital area of deer and elk but I wanted to point out the difference in deer and hog vitals.

On a whitetail the lungs are large and go back almost to the midpoint of the torso. On the other hand a feral hogs lung lay a bit more vertical and toward the front. This means that a shot that would take a deer down in 40 yards may only clip the liver of a hog.

So when you're hunting porkers keep this in mind. Just remember to aim low and forward and it should be a short and wide blood trail.


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Thanks for the tip. It's

Thanks for the tip. It's often overlooked that not all game animals are built the same way. I've shot 5 hogs now and they can be pretty tough but with a good hit they will go right down just like anything else. I hit one a little far back and even though it didn't go far you could definately see the difference in lung placement when we cut him open.

Thanks for the tip or in some cases reminder to focus on what we are hunting.

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Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for the reminder.   

I always try to hold tight behind the front leg figuring that is sure to hit the lungs if not the heart.  Ideally it will pass through and bust a leg going out the offside to knock the animal down and eliminate tracking entirely.

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great tip, thanks

great tip, thanks

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Great tip. When I finally go

Great tip. When I finally go hog hunting I will remember this.

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Good tip

Good tip on the hogs, any time I hunt a animal that I'm not really familiar with I study the kill zone I hate to be second guessing my shots!

Good info thanks

Good info thanks

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I failed to attach these pictures to my post. Hope this help drive the point home.

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I always try and aim a little

I always try and aim a little higher than I should.  That way you are almost always garanted a lung shot.  Unless you are rifle shooting those low shots can mean lost game animals by then either jumping the shot or you underestimating the distance