Hiking Tips

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When scouting it often turns into a hiking trip so here are a few tips to remember! 

Go Early: One key to a successful long and satisfying day hike is to start in the dark when its cool. 

Go Light: It’s simple: carry less, go further. A minimal approach is suggested to food, clothing, and other items.

Go Fast: Actually don’t go fast.  The goal is to minimize time by developing a consistent pace with a minimum of rest stops.

Go Far and Go High:  Early+Light+Fast enables one to go Far+High in one day and return home.

Liquid intake: Don’t forget to take the liquids to replenish you body’s fluids, stay clear from alcohol and coffee.

Happy scouting and hiking!



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Good tips.

Good tips.

Common sense goes a long way

Common sense goes a long way thanks for the reminder

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great tips, thanx

great tips, thanx