Glassing for the Big Bull Elk or Deer

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My friends always comment that I have a great pair of eyes and that I glass so well. I think they are all becoming really good at glassing as well. The one thing that helped me and now them is, looking for parts instead of looking for the entire animal.

Numerous times I will see the shape of the letter "V" in a tree or bush while looking for Elk/Deer. I know from experience now that this is the top of the head between its ears. 

 I am constantly looking for colors. (Tan and White) which usually is going to be the rump of Elk (tan) or Deer (white). A few times the color white will also be a Mule Deer's face above his nose or under his neck

Look for objects that run parallel, the natural lay out of the forest or landscape is for everything to run vertical, if you train your mind to look for objects that are parallel, alot of times you are going to find what you are looking for.

This seems obvious, but on calm days looking for movement is one of my favorites, and I don't mean an animal running, but I am talking about the real small movements like tree tops moving or the flash of their tail's moving.

You will be making antlers grow on a lot of trees, shrubs etc,  and see a lot of things that resemble a Deer or Elk. But its a lot like fishing, if you think there is something on the end of your line set the hook, if you're wrong you're wrong but its worth the effort, so the same goes for glassing if you think there is something there glass for ten minutes in that area to prove yourself wrong or right. It's worth the effort.



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Look hard and double up

Definately all things that you need to look for. Another thing that helps spot is to double up on the four wheelers. If you're out scouting on a four-wheeler and you're driving, then you're limiting your ability to keep your eyes on the hills. Double up on wheelers so the person on the back can be fully devoted to watching the hillsides for "the parts." But like groundhog said below, a great pair of optics will help you big time, and a better pair is worth the wait.

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You might just find a whole deer!

You definitely have to look for parts instead of looking for the entire animal.  This is something that I didn’t realize when I was a new hunter but it is so true. 

 I watch for white, for horizontal lines parallel to the ground (the line of the back) and most importantly movement. 

You are right it is the small movements – the flicker of an ear, or swish of a tail that clue me in as often as a moving leg.  If you think you MIGHT have seen something tiny moving without wind, then stare at it for 10 minutes.  You might just find a whole deer!

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Very good tips. I never

Very good tips. I never thought of the parallel idea. That is pretty good.

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Get a good pair!

Great tips and one thing I have found out is if you can’t afford the best optics at the time wait and get a better pair when you can, you will be happier in the long run.

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Out of the Ordinary

I was always told when looking for a game animal to look for something out of the ordinary or something that just didn't fit.  As you said an ear twitch, eye blink or a tree limb that is just out of place just may be your next trophy.

Thanks for sharing you

Thanks for sharing you hunting tip