Give Something Back

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We have an older hunter in our club that can not get around very well. He mainly hunts from a golf cart and that really limits his ability to get into some of the prime spots.

I like him and started looking for ways to help make him successful.

We have land on the Coosawhatchie River in SC here in SC and he kept talking about wanting to "get back into the swamp again".

I have been doing some mid-season scouting in the last few weeks (out of necessity, for myself and for a young man that hunts with me) and literally stumbled on to a golden opportunity...

I located an old tram road that goes out into the swamp, I think it was used to load timber out on rail cars way back when... and from that vantage point, I located a flooded area of the swamp that COULD be used as a ground blind area.

Armed with a machete and some good will, I cleared out the underbrush right in front of a little hilled area and was able to gain a semi-commanding view of this portion of the swamp and out to the river beyond!

When I told the older hunter about the area - his eyes began to sparkle... and I could tell he could not wait to get out there!

Additionally, this area can be accessed by a handicapped hunter that hunts with me - I told him about the "new" area and he is primed to get out there also!!

Now.... if the deer will just cooperate!

Here are some pictures of the area I worked on... the photographs do not do the area justice... in some of the lanes, you can see about 75 - 80 yards...

Here is the upshot of this tip...

Do something for someone else.

Spend some time giving back.

Make it easier for a fellow hunter.

Make our great sport even better by perpetuating growth and brotherhood.

It will take some of your time, sure... but it is money in the bank for our sport and may make someones day.

Try it - you will like it.




groovy mike's picture

Keep up the good work!

Great plan Jim.  Makes me proud to know you !

I gotta think that good karma will come back to you when YOU are the older hunter someday too.

Keep up the good work!


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Very nice!  Good of you to

Very nice!  Good of you to put in the time to do that for a hunter who otherwise would not have that opportunity!!!

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Great Tip

I agree. If most people would help out just a little it would be a different world. Hats off to you jim for spending time for a fellow hunter. You get back 4 times what you give.

Keep up the great job.

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I agree with you 100%. I

I agree with you 100%. I would like to add on to that as well. You may be in that same position some day as that old man or even that handicapped hunter is. What you do for others will also come back to you. Great job Jim. Keep up the awesome work that you do.