Get Your Own Doe Urine

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I really like to take out those early season does. There are a couple reasons I like doing this. One is I can concentrate on filling my buck tag when that magical time of the rut comes around.

The second reason is I can bottle all the fresh doe urine I need for an entire season. Here are a few things you can do to achieve this. I always carry an empty pill bottle or three in my pack. I will thoroughly clean out the bottles so there is no residue of anything left in it.

After I shoot a doe I will carefully gut her and be extra careful when you are down by the bladder. I then take my knife and poke a small hole into the bladder and drain the urine into the pill bottle. There is usually enough urine to fill the bottle and sometimes two bottles. I usually carry three bottles. As it gets closer to the rut the bettter the urine will be. You can freeze this urine and it will be fine. I usually transfer it into small spray bottles, these work really well. I spray it on the bottom of my boots or have a drag rag.

Usually my son and I kill enough does we never have to buy any doe urine at all. The doe urine is usually around $9-$10 for a 1 or 2 ounce bottle. That's a lot of dough for a little pee. Plus I think it works better than any urine product I have purchased from a store. You can also do the same thing with buck urine. Try it out and save a lot of money.


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Yep it's a good thing to do.

Yep it's a good thing to do. Plus it's completely 100% the real thing.

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Freezing Deer Pee

Just to let you know we do sell deer pee and you are RIGHT freeze it or Fridg. it. We know that deer pee on the shelf will lose it's life after about 6 months. Makes you wander how good the stuff in the stores are,some will sit in the back room left over from last year.

Great Tip

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Awesome tip

Your right,Deer Pee is higher than gold.

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good tip,

good tip,

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I forgot to add if you freeze

I forgot to add if you freeze it, it will stay fresh.