Get Your Kids Involved

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I have done everything possible to get my kids involved in hunting. Every time out whether it be scouting, camping or during the actual hunt, I will challenge them to find their way back without using any electronics (GPS). Also without a compass. They know by now that I am going to challenge one of them, so right off the bat when leaving our vehicle or camp they will start picking out land marks to help them out. Makes me and them feel confident that if we were to somehow separate that they will be ok.

Have them also start your evening camp fires with flint. They learn real quick what will work as a starter. With the pressure of all the electronics today their entertainment could easily be staying at home all weekend and summer. If they are into video games, buy them one of the hunting games and have a contest with them on whose trophy room will be the most impressive. Also a couple of other things, make sure they always carry a whistle and plenty of matches/lighters along with their flint. Check their backpacks occasionally to make sure they are prepared. If they are without toilet paper one time they will learn real quick to start doing a better job. This has worked for me! Remember they are our future to conservation and our hunting heritage. My best memories hunting have nothing to do with harvesting an animal, but they are instead the conversations and jokes I have with my kids. Good luck!


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Totally Agree!


Al - I couldn't agree with you more!  From a very early age I had my sons and daughter involved with the outdoors in some manner - whether it was cub scouts, boy scouts, CAP, and venture crew.  These organizations all assisted me in teaching my children wilderness first aid, wilderness survival, and an overall respect and love for the outdoors.  Every opportunity I had I did something with my kids in the outdoors - including hunting.

Similar to you I would challenge my kids in some aspect of what we were currently doing outdoors.  If we were hiking I would have them use the compass to navigate back once deep into the woods.  If we were camping I would have them show me how to build a better lean-to shelter.  I knew everything I was teaching them and what they learned would make them a stronger and safer person in the outdoors.

I have also taken on the priviledge of introducing a neighbor boy to the outdoors.  He has no real father so I share some outdoor time with him every chance I can.  He loves it and will continue to enjoy it as he grows older.

So great tip and I hope all take advantage of it!  Thanks for sharing.


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Taking our kids with us is

Taking our kids with us is the greatest part of life. Watching as they grow and learn to love the same things you do is priceless. I did not push them on as many things as in this tip but still made them a part of the whole process. Keeping them involved keeps them from getting bored.  And kids get bored pretty easy.

Now after all these years my kids are grown but when we get together we work as a team because of all the great things we shared and learned together.

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i get my kids out there as

i get my kids out there as much as possible

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One of the best times!!!!! I

One of the best times!!!!! I have had all my kids both hunting and fishing.

Keep up the good work and

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing

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Past weekend

I took my two boys scouting/camping this weekend. We saw some deer and Elk which is what my oldest boy will be hunting soon in this unti. Anyways it dumped rain on us like I have never seen, the roads turned into a river, we were soaked from head to toes. We had a 10 mile ranger ride back to camp which made it feel like we just got done going swimming with our clothes on. Went back out after the rain, only to get rained on again later on. Rained all night, which was perfect sleeping weather. Woke up to go home and got stuck in 100% AZ clay pulling the camper out. Had to wait for 2 hours to have friends and family pull us out. The camper almost flipped as it slide into a ditch, finally got out, and we were covered in mud. We talked alot about it the last three days, and wouldn't trade the memories or adventures for a million dollars.

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see a kid smile

If you want to see a kid smile take them hunting in the great out doors!

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see a kid smile

If you want to see a kid smile take them hunting in the great out doors!

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You'll never loose a day in

You'll never loose a day in your life by taking a kid hunting or fishing and teaching them how to do it right.

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Great Times; Great Memories!

I recall with fond memories the times I spent in a boat with my mom and dad growing up. Mom loved to fish as much as Dad, and they both taught me many things about the joys of fishing.

Dad taught me more of the technical aspects, while Mom taught me to appreciate the outdoors for what it is, as well as to observe the birds and animals that we encountered on every trip.

I can still hear her saying with a tone of awe in her voice, "Oh, look! There's a beaver swimming across the lake!"

My dad took me hunting from before I was able to legally carry a gun, but he spent the time with me, explaining all the in's and out's of both small game and deer hunting.

My sister hated to fish, and she had no desire to hunt whatever. She would always spend her time with a friend or - more often - just sitting and reading.

She has had a lot of trouble in her life - finds it difficult to maintain personal relationships - and I always wondered if she might have done better if she had a healthy respect and love for the outdoors - who knows?

All four of my kids have gone along on fishing outings with me and/or my wife. My son learned to love to hunt from me, and now he is taking his 3 boys out into the deer blind with him.

He doesn't often see many deer because they are still learning to sit quietly, but he says they're making improvements in that area, while still enjoying all the other aspects of being out there.

A wise person once said, "Take your kids hunting, and you won't have to hunt for your kids."

Great advice!