Get a Grip, Buddy!

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I cursed in the darkness as I tried to get situated in the climbing stand and start the ascent up the tree.

The tree had a good degree of taper and as a result, I had set it at a fairly severe angle, so that it would hopefully be level once I reached an appropriate hunting height.

My muddy boots slipped once and then again as I tried to get to a standing position on the stand.

I resolved then and there to fix this issue as soon as the hunt was over.

Once I got home, I was going to go to the hardware store and purchase some of the fairly expensive strips of adhesive backed anti-slip material.

As I was getting ready to head to the store, I walked through the garage and from a recent woodworking project, there was a round piece of sandpaper from the DA sander stuck to the floor.

I am not the brightest fellow on the planet - but in this case, I quickly formulated a plan that required neither a trip to town or any added expense!

I went to my sander and got several sheets of adhesive backed 60 grit sandpaper - and quickly cut these in half, trimmed them further to fit the rungs of the stand and then applied them to the stand.

In ten minutes, I had a perfectly gritty surface on which to stand!

I began to think of other areas to use these and the possibilities seem endless and not just for hunting... but in this case, for the climbing stand, they are perfect.

Try these in any area where you need to get solid footing (pick up bed, 4 wheeler trailer, blinds or stands that have wood steps) and see if you can not "get a grip" real quick using just regular old sanding discs!


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Thanks for the great tip.

Thanks for the great tip. This can be a quick, cheap, easy fix for what could be a serious problem. Thanks for sharing.

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Good tip there. Also try a

Good tip there. Also try a piece of the outdoor carpeting, that works well to even if you need to change it in a couple years, very inexpensive. I've been in your situation when I first started using my climber, not nice to have your feet slip.

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another good one!

This another good idea!

This one I had considered and I have used amodified version.  I'm not trying to trunp you - your idea is a lot faster than mine, but mine is a little longer lasting.

If you ahev a slippery surface that you want to add some friction to it is easy to do as long as you aren't overly concerned with how it looks.  A tree stand platform would fall into this catagory for me.

Anyway - what you do is get some weather proof paint and paint teh surface that you want to add the friction to.  Then when the paint is still wet simply throw a little sand, dirt, or sawdust on it.  As an alternative you could stir your grit into the paint but only if you intend to use the whole can of paint up on the one project.  When it dries it will be a gritty rough surface that will be non-slip.  I use this technique when I have restained my porch deck steps.  a fine sand will not show unless someone really looks clsoely but it changes the texture of the paint so that even if you get a light coat of ice there is a little friction on the steps and that can be very handy indeed on a dark winter morning!

So there's another option for expanding your good idea.  Feel free to steal and use it!