Free Scouting Maps

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As a guide we sometimes pick up new properties every year. All my hunting buddies will buy a topo of every farm they hunt. That can get expensive for us. We also travel around 5000 miles every year hunting deer and turkey and that would break the bank account.

We have found out that by using MAPQUEST we get a great AERIAL view of the farm we are hunting. It shows us everything we need like ponds, bottlenecks, creeks and so on. These maps do NOT show elevation and might not work for the mountain hunters. 

Just type in the address you are hunting and you can follow roads around your property. You can also print one off to take with you or hang in your house to show deer movement or treestand placement.

Hope this helps and saves you money.  


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  Excellent Tip!  I actually


Excellent Tip!  I actually stumbled on this about 4 years ago.  I happened to need more info on an area and out of sheer luck ran across the arial view button using Mapquest.  I now use Google Earth, Bing Maps, and the Colorado DOW also has a link to an NDIS Mapit application.  Using the combination of these four I then print out one map and make my notes on it from the two or three other maps available.  It works well!  My elk and antelope hunts for 2011 are all mapped out!




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Yes a great source it

Yes a great source it is....nice tip!

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Good tip.

Good tip.