Four Wheeler Storage - On a Budget

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Man oh Man, have you seen how much some of these four wheeler accessories cost these days??

Outrageous if you ask me….

I needed more storage space on my Honda Rancher and I wanted to be able to keep some of the items out of the weather.

I purchased this box at one of the major home improvement stores and also picked up a few appropriate sized U-bolt style clamps.

I positioned the box on my rear rack and determined where the holes needed to be drilled – and marked the locations.

I drilled the holes and then made a set of inner braces – just to help support (and share) the weight and loads that are exerted when someone sits, leans or pushes on the box.

I placed the box on the rear rack, bolted up the U-bolts and BINGO, I have some great storage.

I have to say that this was a resounding success!

I added some sections of reflective material to the rear of the box and this greatly increases my visibility when lights shine on the rear of the four wheeler – such as a car or other four wheeler (or from my flashlight when I am trying to find the darn thing after an evening hunt!)

I store all of the items that I need in there and they stay dry and out of the weather.

The box is even strong enough for an adult to sit on it… we do that often when we are scouting or just driving from place to place – when I have a passenger.

I think the box cost about $25.00 and the hardware was another couple of dollars… pretty cheap for what I got out of it!

If you need storage on your four wheeler, side by side or UTV,  look into this and see if it will work for you.

Good luck!


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I don't own a 4 wheeler and

I don't own a 4 wheeler and don't know if I ever will. But, if I do that is something I will definitely have to look into. Thanks for the tip.

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Who stores their ATV when

That's a pretty good idea.  It would be a little bit bulky for me for the area that I ride in but for others it would work.  I have a friend that did something similar with a metal box and put a lock on it for when he wasn't around.  The only problem that I have seen with putting a box on a wheeler is that you put a lot more stuff into it. 

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good idea


That's a good idea.  You were thinking "outside the box" about getting a box!  Very clever and I don't know any reason that it wouldn't work at all.

To date I am just strapping thing sto my ATV to move them, but sooner or later I will probably decide that I need some storage space aboard and when I do, I'm going to have the advantage of having seen your idea ahead of time rolling around in the back of my mind.  It's nice to know that there is an option that is more reasonably priced than those high end catalog money grabbers!

Thanks for sharing the idea and especially for sharing the photos that make it really clear exactly what you were describing.