Field Judging Bucks

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As a Taxidermist I look at hundreds of Whitetail Bucks every year. I know that I have seen many different ways people judge the size of racks on live deer. I think for the most part they all are pretty close. I'm going to give you some measurements that I have noticed being right on in just about every deer. We have used it in the last couple years and have only been off by about 5-6 inches. We do study the deer while bowhunting so we get a little more time to look at them.

Measurements to Remember:

1. Deer EARS are almost always 8 inches tall (this will give you a good TINE length).

2. Deer EARS are almost always 18 inches apart from tip to tip (this will give a good inside and outside spread). 

3. Deer EYES are about 2 inches tall from the front part of the eye to the back (this is a great way to see how heavy he is at the base).  If his rack is the size of his EYE he will be about 7-8 inches around at base.

4. 90% of all Mature bucks will have a measurement of 7- 7 1/2 inches from tip on NOSE to front part of EYE (great way to see how long main beams are).

I know that is a lot to look at but just using a couple of the measurement points can help.

Tip Nose to front of eye 7 1/4


Ear to Ear 18' - this one 21 1/2 inside

25 inch main beams


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This is a great way to field

This is a great way to field judge deer. Another great article.

I am measuring the ones I have hanging in my livingroom beings I have never had them scored but by going with this article most of the are mature bucks witch make me happy that I have benn shooting the deer I was hoping I was shooting.

Thanks again for the great tips.

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This is great information for

This is great information for trying to score on a better buck. I will be going to Texas again this year to try and getter a even better buck than the first whitetail I ever got this year. Using these basic yardsticks will help me to evaluate what I'm loking at. Of course I may fall back on the old method's got antlers,

I have taken a few good bucks in my life but have never been a true trophy hunter. I like and want the big one but usually take the chance that presents itself. Around here that may be the only chance you get. We used to have a joke about whether or not a deer would make the family record book. If it forks on one side it's in the book.

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  I have always struggled


I have always struggled with this one - not that I see that many good bucks (I do not - we do not have that many in South Carolina) but when I do see one, I am always troubled... is that a 100"... 110"...or 120"?
 I would think that some time spent looking at mounted deer -without knowing what the actual score was - and then having someone reveal the score - might benefit hunters that struggle with this.
I would also wonder if there are websites that do exactly this... show you a deer and allow you to guess the score... and then tell you and let you see how close you came!
If there is not a site like this - someone should invent one!
I will search for a site like this and if I can find one - I will come back and post it for all to share.

Great tips and GREAT pictures Scott!

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thanks this will really help

thanks this will really help me in picking out the better buck of the herd to make that perfect shot on.

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Great tips. I will ahve to

Great tips. I will ahve to try it and see how close I come.