Elk Scouting the Rut Hunt

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Being very lucky the last two years with pulling an Early Rifle Elk Tag last year and having my son pull an Early Rifle Tag this year. I have read many articles from others saying that Bulls could travel 10-15 miles during the rut. I believe this to be true, but the key word is "could." I'm here to say that they also could stick around the same area.

Last year I think I might have the Bull I shot on trail camera that I set out during scouting. Do not waste a truly awesome tag by just thinking that the Bulls will bugle and then you will be able to locate them. Get out scout as often as possible, spend some time with your family and take them with you and get to know the area as well as possible. You will have the advantage over others if the weather boogers, getting hot and forcing the Bulls to take a break from the rut.

Get to know the hideouts of the area. And you never know you might just get a great Bull that you saw during pre-scouting. I have at least 12 different Bulls on camera so far this year for my son's hunt, and I can't wait to see if he is lucky enough to get one of them. Shoot straight and Good Luck!


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  I  too got lucky this year


I  too got lucky this year and pulled a 1st rifle tag in a great place.  With the warmer weather we are still getting and a later rut season I am really excited about gettting out this year.  Thanks for the tips as I hope to end my hunt with finally harvesting that elusive nice bull elk!


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Great tips, thanks

Great tips, thanks

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Nice tips, thanks.

Nice tips, thanks.