Electronics and Batteries

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When it comes to hunting and electronics I find two types of people. I always check my GPS, rangefinder, Spot, radios, etc to make sure everything is in working order and then replace with new batteries before heading to camp. Every year someone in camp brings their radios, GPS, or some electronic gizmo that has three-year-old dead batteries with them to camp to find their electronics not working and forget the spare batteries. Take a few minutes to look over your gear before you head off to camp to make sure its all in working order and replace with new batteries so you don’t run into any snags during your hunt. And don’t forget extra batteries for the items that you will use up while hunting/camping.


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I'm with the group that does

I'm with the group that does not even bother checking them. I just take them out throw them away and put new ones in every year before I go back out again. I still bring extras with me but I like to start fresh so there is no surprise when we get everything going. Some things are not as bad as others but when you need your light you usually need it right away.

Thanks for the reminder and a good tip.

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check the batteries and bring spares.

Good plan.       

 If you are going to use gear that takes batteries, be sure to check the batteries and bring spares.          

 As an alternative, use rechargeable batteries and bring a solar powered battery charger for them.      


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I change mine very often and

I change mine very often and always carry extras in the field

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All good tips.

All good tips.

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I change them every year even if they are good.