Effective Corn or Deer Feed Dispenser

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Here is a very handy and effective device I use to dispense corn with - but it could also be used to dispense any other seed or deer feed.

I had an old feeder that had a failed motor... I made a set of brackets to attach the feeder to the rear of the 4 wheeler - the lower one encircles the feeder and has a forward section with holes drilled in the outer ends of the bracket... these holes align with two 5/16" bolts that drilled into the rack of the 4 wheeler.

The upper bracket is an "L" shaped bracket on the outside of the drum and it has a circular shaped inner brace inside the drum to help distribute the weight when the drum is filled. The "L" bracket mates up to a bracket that is up high on the rear of the cargo box of the 4 wheeler.

When I want to use it, I just position the lower bracket over the 2 bolts and let it fall into place and then drop a pin through the upper "L" bracket and it - VOILA - it is mounted! It literally takes 15 seconds to install it.

I then route the pull rope over the cargo box, passing it through one of the lock holes and I make a quick knot in the rope so it can not fall down and drag or get backed over by the tire if I have to use reverse.

I fill the drum with corn - it holds about 150 pounds - and off I go.

When I get to where I want to distribute the corn, I simply drive along and pull the rope.... it opens the spring loaded door and the unit starts to dispense the corn!

I can dispense slowly or quickly by pulling the rope a little harder and/or driving faster or slower.

It works great and best of all - it was nearly free! The old drum, some scrap metal, 2 springs and a little bit of hardware... top it off with some "custom camo" paint (OK, I admit the paint was more for me than for the deer, heck... the 4 wheeler is YELLOW, after all!) and I was in business!

Try this for yourself if you have a need - I think you can do it with a lot of different containers and can be on the front or rear of the 4 wheeler.

It needs no batteries or wiring and is quick as a snap to use.

Please obey all game laws and regulations as it relates to deer hunting and baiting.



Merci de partager cette bonne

Merci de partager cette bonne poteau!

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outdoorsman121's picture

great job

Great Tip! Way to be innovative! Although this is illegal in NY, in states that allow feeding of deer this is a great way of doing things.

groovy mike's picture

my thoughts exactly

Absolutely looks like a great idea, but it is totally illegal to feed them here in NY - even when hunting season is closed!

The logic is that deer at feeders pass disease from one to another by close contact....yeah I know.  Go figure.

jim boyd's picture

Yes, please hunt legally!! I

Yes, please hunt legally!!

I love projects like this - let's keep some new ideas coming...


Critter done's picture

Awesome tip

Jim,that is an awesome idea. We have two old feeders behind the lodge we were going to throw away. Bet you know what I'm going to do with them now.

Great Job.

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Hey Jim, you've really got it

Hey Jim, you've really got it going on. You have alot of nice homemade contraptions that work, I'm sure just as good as farming equipment purchased from a store. If I ever go to do anything like this I will just look up these posts and try it myself. Keep up the great tips and great products.