Easy Way to Learn How to Judge Distance

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Have you ever been out in the field and looked at an animal and wondered just how far away he was?  If you don't have a rangefinder it can be a little difficult. 

What I have learned to do is while out walking or running is to pick an object in the distance big or small and then pace it off.  Start with something fairly close and once you start to get it right then start to pick things further out.  It may suprise you at just how good you can get all the way out to a 1000 yards. 


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There’s definitely some truth in that.

There’s definitely some truth in that.       

 The more you practice, the better off you get at it – just like anything else!  The first time you LOOK at and pace off a thousand yards it will give you a new respect for those guys who hold shooting records at those distances.


  I wouldn’t even be able to tell a buck from a doe or friend from foe at a thousand yards with my naked eye.  It amazes me that they can hit targets at those distances and beyond!

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So, what are you folks that

So, what are you folks that have rangefinders and the batteries go dead and you don't have any spares?  Or how about if you forget it and leave it in the truck or at home?  Not to mention when and if you drop it from your tree stand and it doesn't work any more. 

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Great tip, but I'll stick

Great tip, but I'll stick with my rangefinder.LOL

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Yes, when bow hunting,

Yes, when bow hunting, distance is the key. Really any hunting distance is the key.

Good tip but a rangefinger is

Good tip but a rangefinger is so much easier

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Not always

While archery hunting one on one on the ground for deer and elk here in Colorado. You do not always have time to get that range finder out and get the shot. One of the biggest things that is overlooked due to hunting shows (mostly from tree stands) and the fact that to many people rely on technology today is just knowing how to judge yardage. To have that once in a lifetime buck or bull in front of you from out of nowhere you need to be able to pull up and shoot. You typically do not have the time to range and then shoot. Just my .02...

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Thats a great tip I try doing that all the time!

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Good idea

When we do have a range finder in hand. Me and buds always try to play the game on who has the best guess on distance. When money is involoved, its funny on how good we become. lol Great tip

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Judging distance

Critter this has to be one of the better tips I have read. My dad had us hunting with him since we could walk. He would always ask us how far a flower, rock, log or whatever stood out was. This helped me a ton as I got older and started shooting grouse, bunnies, and then of course big game with my bow. I typically do not need a range finder while archery hunting due to this technique. Great tip and thanks for sharing.