Easy Bear Baiting Tips

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Baiting bears can be a frustrating process or it can be so simple to get that big old boar strolling in for a meal.

Hear are a few easy tips for getting a scent out there to bring’em in.

One of my favorites is using anise extract, soaking a few cotton ball or adding it to distilled water and putting it in a spray bottle, the finer the mist the better. A fine mist will travel farther coating leaves and trees as it floats  the forest air currents.

I have also found that vanilla extract can have a very similar affect as an attractant, mixing a few drops in with some oats will help them find the bait and keep them there eating and digging through the pile. I like to incorporate this with a honey burn as long as we have a wet year. I wouldn’t recommend it in a dry season.

One other easy attractant I use is old fryer grease just dumping it on the ground or over a old stump will bring them in looking for an easy meal, you will be amazed at how much ground they will dig up or the size of a log they’ll rip apart.

All of these attractants are easily carried in to bait sites without a lot of trouble and should be used with a bait station. This will bring in the bears and keep them coming back.


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Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the tip. 

  I'll keep it in mind if I ever get a chance to try it.

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thanks for the tips ground

thanks for the tips ground hog

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I'm from Colorado and wish

I'm from Colorado and wish that we could bait bears. 

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Sounds like a good tip.

Sounds like a good tip.

Thanks for the tip gh, I will

Thanks for the tip gh, I will give it a try this year

Bashing not allowed

Cascade Hunter, bashing others is not allowed on BGH. All legal methods of hunting are discussed here - respectfully.

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Bear baiting should be

Bear baiting should be illegal in all states. Fair chase is an important aspect of hunting, and Boone and Crockrett define fair chase as the "pursuit."

If all you do is sit in a tree stand with some bear bait out 50 yards away, did you really "hunt" the bear? That is just KILLING.

The same goes for decoys, calls, lures, hunting with dogs, and whatever else. It's unethical.

If you want to be a hunter, learn how to stalk and pursue, learn how to walk quietly in the woods and sneak up on animals.

Baiting is for the weak "hunter".

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First thing I live in Canada and you have know idea where we hunt and how hard it is, I would love for you to come up here, well in fact I invite you to come and will put you up for free to hunt with us we will do all our work to set up baits which I will tell you is not a easy task in its self and you can try to spot and stalk. Dude you can’t even walk where we hunt you are 45 miles in the bush on a logging road and its all swap, muskeg and beaver dams very seldom can you see more than 10 yards in front of you. You may find a poplar ridge that you can walk on top of but you’ll never see a bear there. I would love to see you “learn how to walk quietly in the woods and sneak up on animals” here, you may die. The bears in these areas are over populated and have to be hunted and this is one of the only ways it can be done.

Who are you to tell me or others what fair chase is, we are all hunters here with different views and ways of hunting in all parts of this free county. If you feel the need to bash hunters there is a web site for you to join up with it called PETA.

Trying to bash other hunters or there way of hunting over the internet is week. I would suggests you contact B&C and P&Y  and explain this to them so they can change the record book.


Thank you