Don't Overlook "Regrowth" and "Volunteer" Plants

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In the South, we have some areas that are blessed with good agriculture fields.

The hunters pursue game in the corn, bean and peanut fields - but one aspect that often gets overlooked is the regrowth the same year and volunteer plants the following year.

Corn and peanuts are very quick to regrow the same year, particularly if the harvest is in the early part of fall and the weather is favorable after harvest.

Our corn is usually cut in late August or early September and the peanuts are usually dug up in mid to late September. With lots of good warm weather and rain still to come before it gets cold, we see great regrowth after the harvest.

The young corn and peanut plants that regrow offer a great place for deer to browse - and since they were already eating in these fields prior to harvest, they already know to come "look here" for food.

Peanuts are also very good about volunteering the following year, if that field is not planted again or it is going to be planted later in the year - like for a late bean crop - these bean fields are sometimes not planted until mid July, which gives the leftover peanut seeds plenty of time to germinate in the spring and provide good food for the deer.

We do see some soybean volunteer plants but the peanuts are the best at this.

The attached photo is of peanut regrowth this year, the entire field was covered in plants like this. The first frost will put the hurt on these plants but until then, they are great browse areas for the deer!!

In your areas, there may even be other plants that fall into this category... check out the local fields or talk to the farmers, game wardens or your agriculture extension agent to see if there are opportunities like this in the areas you hunt!



outdoorsman121's picture

Great tip.

I love to hunt regrowth areas. These are locations that many hunters overlook. But these regrowth areas work best for me in late season when the deer are trying to gain weight after loosing alot from the rut and go looking for food sources! 

Critter done's picture

Great Tip

We try to hunt regrowth here in kansas like beans when they get out early but most of the time it's so late they don't have time to re grow cause of the cold weather. But when they do they are good.

Great Tip!!!!