Don't Forget Ebay and Craigslist

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We all know about Ebay and Craigslist so don't forget to use it for all your hunting gear. You really should shop ebay or your local craigslist if you are on a budget it will be a great place to save money.

I just picked up a Harris bipod rest for my rifle for $50 (retail $120) also a trail camera for $30 (retail $70). Get your clothes, hats, shoes, backpacks, just about everything you can imagine. I picked up my Stiener Binoculars a few years ago for $300 cheaper than I could purchase anywhere else. You will find alot of hunters that haven't been drawn for anything this year that will be selling a lot of their equipment in this tight economy.


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Excellent tip bigal !!, I've

Excellent tip bigal !!, I've picked up the scopes I was looking for and other hunting related items from Ebay. Even used is ok with me, I'm always up for saving a few bucks, oh, excuse me, dollars

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There are some definate good

There are some definate good deals out there to be had.

The only problem I see with those are the potential for criminal activity, and in the case of Ebay, last second snipers!

Argh, those guys bug me.. .lol

I also like getting stuff from people on my local hunting board out here.

If I am going to buy new, then places like Cabelas and Bass Pro actually have great items on sale weekly, and most guys I see selling them on the side are not much better than in the store.  Might as well buy it there.

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Definitely buy used – it’s worth the effort to get big savings!

Your advice is spot on.


I very rarely buy brand new gear any more.  I even buy reloading projectiles in the secondary market.  The price of bullets for reloading have soared in the past few years to over what the cost for factory loaded cartridges used to be not long ago.  I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for them – so I don’t! 

I scan the classifieds on websites like this and make an offer at whatever I think a fair price is.  Sometimes I snatch up a bargain.  As a result I have more projectiles than I am ever likely to load and/or shoot at a fraction of what today’s retail cost would have been. 


Definitely buy used – it’s worth the effort to get big savings!

pay attention to the little details!

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Both have some great deals,

Both have some great deals, just be carefull.

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I've often thought about

I've often thought about checking on there I just never have.

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It can be a lot cheaper but

It can be a lot cheaper but don't get caught up in the bidding on Ebay.  Go there knowing how much you can buy the item for out of a catalog or from a local store.  Also figure in the shipping and don't over bid