Deer Stand Movement

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If you're lucky enough to be on private land and can leave your stand up during the off season you can tie an old piece of cloth or something of the sort to your stand. I like to use an old camo bandana that I have. That way the deer get used to the movement and eventually don't bother even looking up when there is slight movement. This may just give you the time to draw your bow or raise your gun without being detected.


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  Another great one


Another great one Groundhog!  Leaving the burlap or camo cloth untied on the bottom of your gun rail and around the sides of your stand also does the same.  Thanks for your tip!


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no harm in trying

Well there is no harm in trying it, I just might give it a shot.  I know it sounds crazy but one of my neighbors built a scare crow with one of his old shirts and set of pants and soemthing like a stuffed pillow case for a head and put a hat on it and stood it up in his hedgerow.  The darn thing fooled me every time.  I think he put it there for Holloweenand just forgot it all winter.  But it made me wonder about doing something similar for my deer stand.....

I ahevn't tried it yet.  I hope it wouldn't scare deer away every time they got close until they abondoned teh area, but it would be cool if it got them used to the idea that the thing in teh stand that looks like a hunter is harmless....until opening day

Its a theory, but i don't know if it would work for or against you....




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Thats a great tip groundhog

Thats a great tip groundhog

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That may work even on a

That may work even on a ground blind like I use.  But then I will usually just throw something together when I find a likely place. 

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That is a great tip. I will

That is a great tip. I will definitely try that one.