Crossfit: The Elk Hunter's Conditioning Program

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Elk have been killed close to roads where they could be loaded whole into the bed of a pickup. But it doesn't happen often and I'm not sure that is the experience that I long for. The type of elk hunting that I prefer requires rigorous physical exertion that can cripple someone who is not in shape. Being a college hockey player I have to be in at least fair physical condition most of the year but when one of my buddies got back from the Navy Seals he changed the way I think about physical training for hunting. He swears by a technique called crossfit that I am starting to convert to.
Crossfit is a strength/conditioning routine that focuses on not specializing on certain body parts. It is a very broad training program and that is why it works so well for hunters. Take the bench press for example. It is a press/building move for your chest. But what exact point does it serve for the elk hunter. Crossfit can be tailored to whatever you want out of it. Here is a basic rundown of what my buddy is doing to prepare for a 1st season backpacking hunt.
Crossfit is meant to be universally adaptable. Different people have different work out intensity needs not different workout type needs. Work out 4 days a week with 3 days of rest thrown in. Take this routine and start easy and work up to get in the best hunting shape of your life.
Day 1 (3 sets each)
-Jumping rope (5 minute duration)
-Standing cable butterflies
-Standing military dumbbell press
-Core (crunches and excercise ball moves)
Day 2
-Swimming (20 minutes)
-Wide grip pull ups
-Preacher bench curls
-Core (lower back & roman chair)
Day 3
-Power Cleans
-Leg Press
-Bench Press
-Core (crunches and excercise ball moves)
Day 4
-Running (two miles)
-Tricep rope extensions
-Core (Lower back & roman chair)


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I'm tired

Wow!  I'm tired just reading about the workout.  My goodness, this old man ain't never goin on not elk hunt if I have to do all that.  I'm 66 years young and like to think I'm in pretty good shape for my age, but I don't hold a candle to that.  I've been elk hunting and backpacked my elk out about 4 miles, but I wasn't in that kind of shape.  Are you trying to kill yourself? 

Like Hunter25 said, I'll take my elk right beside the road any time I can.  In fact, if I could shoot one way up on the hill and have him roll down into the back of my pickup, I do it. 

I have a grandson who told me that a "real" hunter would sleep on the hard ground without a pad.  He said he didn't even need a sleeping bag.  Well, I guess I'm not a real hunter.  I prefer a cot with a two inch pad on that and a warm sleeping bag with my own soft pillow.  I like to hike out of camp and shoot my elk less than a quarter mile from the road.  When it's in the freezer and I take out some backstraps, I don't know that I'll be able to tell the difference between elk that was taken 17 miles on top of a mountain or 100 feet off the road.

I like to call deer meat "Dear Meat" when I have packed it out a mile or so on my back.  I call the same meat "venison" when I drive a four-wheeler up to it and haul it to the house.  I quit being macho a long time ago.  I don't have anything to prove to anyone.  I'm just an old man that loves to hunt and is fairly successful at it.


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Sounds like most of us here

Sounds like most of us here are older guys and gonna need a lot of pre work to get ready for this one. That's great workout program that we can all use as a blueprint for working up our own.

And as far as the elk go I will happily take mine as close to the road as possible thank you.

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Wow - that looks like a young

Wow - that looks like a young man's work out routine!
Hawkeye is likely already in good shape - and I am an old man... I am getting tired just reading this very well written tip!
Seriously, I want to go out west on a hunt in 2010 (fingers crossed) and better start getting in shape now... I do not walk or work out nearly enough and I can see that a very expensive trip could be either mitigated or perhaps squandered entirely if you went out there in poor shape... at a minimum, you would not be able to perform well enough to "keep" yourself in the game.
I am going to bookmark this hint and start working to get in shape in a gradual manner - not just for the hunt - but also for life in general!
Great tip Hawkeye - thanks!
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gettin in shape

I better start now for next year, whew! break time!

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good stuff, thanks

good stuff, thanks

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I want to go elk hunting but didn't think I could keep up. This might work.

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Thanks. I've never been elk

Thanks. I've never been elk hunting, but, I plan on it sometime within the next couple of years.