Climbing Stand Safety Tip

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Here is the scenario... you sit in your 2 piece climbing stand and your foot inadvertently bumps the lower section while there is no weight on it - and it slides down the tree, out of reach!

OK, you are safe - you have a string tied from the upper section that you are sitting on and the foot portion that slid 4-5 feet down the tree. All you have to do it pull the other section up, reposition it and you are back in business, correct?


Have you ever tested this theory?

I have - with several different tree stand makes and models. In the best case scenario, you can pull it back up. If you have not tied the string in the correct location AND verified that it works tied to this area, you could be in trouble!

When the string is tied in the correct location, you can pull the lower section back into place. It is not, the lower section may bind or get locked to the tree each time you try to pull it up (remember, you are not pulling from the most advantageous position!).

Using one of the most popular name brand stands, I found that with the string tied in the location they indicated, it was still difficult (or impossible) to pull the lower section up. This was tested in my yard on various trees, while standing on the ground, of course! I do not want to be stuck 15-20 feet up a tree and have to test this theory!

I found that by testing various locations, you can identify the optimum location for the string to be tied. In the case of this stand, I found that the second floor slat (from the tree) provided the best location for retrieval of the lower section in the event it "slipped" down the tree.

Practice with your tree stand, make sure the two sections of your climbing stand are tied together and that the string is in the best location!!!

This is just another way of staying safe and hunting smart, which is my motto!


This is a good tip. Maybe I

This is a good tip. Maybe I will try it someday when I will try to do hunting. - health care avenue

hunting tips

Good hunting tip thank you for sharing this useful info. Mainly we have to check the equipment is in good condition or not then we can fit. I came to know about this through an assignment masters in the news paper.I wish to bring out more useful articles.

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Safety first is a good thing,

Safety first is a good thing, Good tip there.

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good thought

I don't see why that wouldn't work.    

I'll pass the tip along to my friend who uses a climbing tree stand.

But I'm with Critter.  I defiitely feel safer on the ground!  

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great piece

it pays off to think ahead

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great safety tips, thanks

great safety tips, thanks

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Safety tips, they always come

Safety tips, they always come in handy.

Excellent hunting tip, check

Excellent hunting tip, check your equipment before you go out and make sure everything is in working order. How many times do we not want to put in the little extra time and something distarous happens

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And that is why I usually use

And that is why I usually use a ground blind.  What do I mean?  I always use a ground blind.  I spent 33 years climbing poles for work why would I want to spend my retirement in a tree?