Check for Ticks

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Depending on what part of the country you are hunting, you may encounter ticks. Where I hunt there aren't too many but I always makes sure to check myself out every night back at camp. I check everywhere those little buggers like to hang out. If you do find a tick or a few, try not to just pull it out as the head can detach and continue to dig in. I always burn them off or use tweezers to make sure I get the whole thing off. If you do have one embedded, it can cause some health risks so make sure to get them out.


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A couple years ago I was

A couple years ago I was hunting the swamp with my cousin. After returing to camp I found over 100 ticks on me and my cousin found 120 or so. These things are bad down here. Also watch out for the chiggers too, I'm covered in little red bumps from last weekedns scouting trip. I try to make a habbit of tucking in my pants into my boots and always wearing bug spray weather the mosquitos are bad or not.

thanks for the tip.

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That is one thing we look for

That is one thing we look for in tghe summer months and the early season. Good tip.