Cheap Way to Bore Sight Your Rifle

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Here is a cheap way to bore sight your rifle without spending $50 or so on a bore sight from the store. Place your gun in a rest if you have one, if you don’t, make a rest to where the rifle will not move. Remove the bolt so you can look at an object roughly 30 – 50 feet away. Once you have that object in sight looking through your bore then look through the scope without moving your rifle and adjust the up/down and left/right. Once finished take your rifle out to the firing range, start at 25 – 50 yards and you should be almost pretty close to center and then fine tune sighting in your rifle from there at 100 yards. Worked great on my 300 wby mag after putting a new Zeiss 3X9 on. 3 shots at 25 yards and was ready to move my target out to 100 yards to finish sighting it in and saved me money not having to buy a bore sighter or pay someone to do it for me.


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Great tip, thanks

Great tip, thanks

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I always used that method

I always used that method until I could afford a bore sighter.  Now they have these fancy lazer ones. 

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I would have to say it works I have done that my self a few times!

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Good one.

Good one.