Cheap Scope Covers

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If you hunt in rain or snow country you can place a zip-lock bag on the end of your rifle scope to keep it dry and clear when carrying your rifle on your shoulder. All you have to do is pull off the zip-lock bag and you're set. It's a cheap alternative if you don't have scope covers or if you lose your scope covers and can use this in the meantime.


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I will some times use my sons

I will some times use my sons old socks, hes 3 so they stretch over and fit snug, and there quiet

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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Zip Lock

How do you keep the bag on?

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They are hard to find anymore

They are hard to find anymore but a tire innertube cut and streatched over the scope also works.  Just flip it off with your thumb and it is out of the way.  But then Butler Creek makes some great cheap lense covers.