Calling All Moose

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Moose calling can get confusing to some, but cow calling is your main tool when moose hunting. If you go out and buy moose calls I would say you're wasting your money unless it is the birch bark cone. I find most store bought moose calls sounding worse than puffing a grunt your hands to make the call. You can roll up a piece of birch bark in a cone shape to use as a call and spend your money on a video that teaches you the basics of a cow call. A milk jug or a coffee can with a hole and a rope going through it can make a good call. I’ve even seen an old timer out there calling moose in to bow range with a old rusty tin can.

Here is how you can make one.

Using a hammer and nail, punch a small hole in middle of the base of an empty coffee can.

Tie a knot in one end of a shoelace, and insert the other end in the hole. Pull the shoelace through the other side until the knot hits outside of the coffee can (the shoelace should now be inside the can).

Use some water to moisten the shoelace. Hold the can under one arm, and grab the shoelace with the other hand. Pull hard. The vibrations on the wet shoestring are amplified by the coffee can to produce the sound a moose makes.

If the sound is too metallic, put some wet leaves in the can to dampen the metal sound.


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That is a great moose pic, but get out of his way fast! lol

are moose tags in Sas over the counter or by lottery?

Is a guide required for non-residents?


i'm always looking for another moose hunting opportunity!

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Man thats a nice moose. do

Man thats a nice moose. do you have a tag

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Great tip, thanks!!!!!

Great tip, thanks!!!!!

That's a nice pic of a moose

That's a nice pic of a moose I sure hope I get one like that this year. Thanks for the tip gh