Calling all Antelope

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I had the idea of calling antelope, never had heard one before and this was my first antelope hunt and archery one to boot. I know it sounds crazy to most hunters calling a antelope but I just had it in my head that I was going in the middle of the rut and they have to have some kind of vocalization at this time of year.  Mention antelope hunting and calling in the same breath, well the old timers thought I fell off the rocker and the bets were on!

The knowledge about antelope hunting and calling, like many big game species has increased dramatically in the past few years but I still couldn’t find any real good info on the sounds a antelope in the rut or any time at all would make. I searched day in and day out with countless hour on the web with not much luck there’s not a lot of info out there on this subject.

At the local pro shop my brother pick up the ELK Inc. - "Antelope Talk" call and thought that we would give it a try along with our home made decoys. Well the day had come and we where on the road to our hunting grounds. The spot and stalk was on after the 3rd or 4th stalk we had a average buck with about 8 does with him coming in to the decoy as the girls started to disperse with a new buck (decoy) in the vicinity he got all confused and we got the chance to hear them all calling and talking back and forth as he tried to round up his does and keep them all in a tight group.

With the buck running frantically around call "MEEEP----MEEEP" and keeping a close eye on the decoy at all times. I discovered this could be a sound I could easily mouth. These stalks continued through out the day observing their vocalization every chance I could wait for the right buck and time to try my new found MEEEP. That night I practiced a few times and it sounded very close to me to the real thing.

Day 2 my brother tags out on a stalk early in the day with a 72 inch goat and now its up to me to close. We spied a herd walking along a hill top with the buck trailing the does. I had made my way 500 yds in front of them at the bottom of the hill hoping they would come straight to me. I thought I would try my luck with mouthing a call to lure him in. I let out 2 meeps and low and behold there he is standing on the top of the hill looking down. Surprised how fast he closed the distance I let out one more meep and that was it, he made a 100 yard charge down the hill right to me and turned broad side at 20 yards and that was it! Good thing I had my release hook on my D loop because I know I was shaking.

The meep is made through the nasal cavity and with only slightly pronouncing the "p" at the end, if you ever get the chance to try it believe me it works!

ELK Inc. - "Antelope Talk" call we found later to also be very affective but it was only after hearing the Antelope talking that we were able to reproduce the sound properly.


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  An excellent tip


An excellent tip Groundhog!  I have a planned hunt for the late rifle season in December.  Your explanation is very clear and I have been trying to mimic it while walking around the house.  The wife is just staring at me.  Anyhow I wish you had the ability to provide an audio of your call on this tip.  I'll have to take a look at a call in the store or on video to see if I am doing it appropriately.  I hope to get the chance to use your tip - thanks for sharing it with us!


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I have been wanting to give

I have been wanting to give this a try for awhile now. I have read a lot about calling them but have never purchased one and have never heard one make a sound as I have never gotten that close before. I hunt antelope a lot but never like this.

There are some areas in Colorado that are still over the counter for archery and that is my plan to get back into the bow hunting game.

Hopefully by next year I'll be stalking them with a bow a call and a decoy.

Thanks for the informative tip.

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Thanks for the good info!

I have heard some of the sounds that antelope make, but I have not heard them enough to try to mimic the sound.  I also saw an antelope call for the first time this past year.  I was thinking about giving it a try, and after reading your story, I think I will do just that.  Thanks for the good info!

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I had no idea that calling worked on speed goats.  That is too cool. 

Thanks for sharing the story and the tip, I will definitely give it a try if I ever find myself hunting in pronghorn antelope country.


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Great tip thank you

Great tip thank you

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Great tip.  

Great tip.


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It is like a lot of things

It is like a lot of things you need to hear it before you can replicate it.  And it works. 

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Always Something New!

Just like people didn't used to believe that whitetails made sounds, we now know that they make a good deal of noise, and quite a few different sounds.

Deer calls are now one of the biggest aspects of the deer hunting accessory department in your local sporting goods store, or at any online or big box store.

Quite a few of them can be made by mouth, as the author pointed out, and if you are able, you can do better that way than trying to fumble around for the right call in the right situation.

Even the more difficult, "grunt-snort-wheeze" can be duplicated by mouth and many a big buck has turned and come in on a string when a hunter utilized this important rut vocalization.

It's good to know that antelope also make sounds to communicate with each other.

Thanks for sharing this great tip.