Bone Out Your Elk

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There are numerous good videos out there that show how to  properly  bone out your meat on Deer and Elk. It's a great idea if you are hunting wilderness areas or public land ,with no roads near by, to have a good pack frame. You will save a trip or two boning out your meat instead of quartering it out with bone in. Having a good pack frame is key, and will cost you $159-$349. Hunting by yourself, you will make two trips instead of four trips, if you do it properly. It is unlawful in Arizona as most states to waste any meat. So be ethical and get every last piece.


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Great tips, i like to bone

Great tips, i like to bone out my elk just to let it cool faster

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boneing it out is a good way

boneing it out is a good way if you have to pack it very far.  Just be aware that you'll need good quality game bags.  The only problem with boneing is that you expose more meat to anything that would contanimate it. 

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Very good tips.

Very good tips.

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outdoor edge

I just went to their website. My bud has there video and is going to hand it over for me to watch. Cant wait. Thanks

well said, I like the outdoor

well said, I like the outdoor edge series for boning out meat and processing