Black Bear Scent Burns

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Burning baits is a great way to get black bears to your bait station. The most common is bacon grease, however there are others that I like even better. Some of my favorites are Tropical Punch Kool-Aid and Cherry Jello. Mix them with water so you have a fairly thick mixture but not to the point they are gloppy. Bring them to a rolling boil and let them go. When the water has boiled out they will start to smoke, the combination of burned fruit smell and sugar will penetrate the thickest cover and hang there for a long time.


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Great tip, but i cant bait

Great tip, but i cant bait where i live

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Good tips. I like the can

Good tips. I like the can idea.

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I like the burning idea but it just scares me guys burning up here where its all forest and muskeg.

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Where burning and baiting is

Where burning and baiting is leagle it may work but the states that I hunt you can't bait and you would be crazy to start a fire if you are not sitting on top of it.

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I do all my burns in a

I do all my burns in a contained 5 gallon can when I leave the stuff goes with me. I use a 5 gallon can with a lid and a lot of holes in it. My sterno and can with the jello or kool-ade is fully contained even if it is knocked over it is safe.