Black Bear Bait

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If you are like most of us you don't have a limitless supply of freebie Twinkies or sticky buns so you have to put out the cash for bait. Try popcorn it's usually cheaper than dog food and way lighter to pack in. When you pop it don't use an air popper do it the old fashion way with a pot on the stove, I use an old canner. Pop it in an aromatic oil or shortening, the butter flavored stuff or bacon grease. If you want to help dress it up some more melt your grease first then add some good strong eye watering chopped onions to the hot grease and let them fry for a while before you add the popcorn.


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Thanks for the idea!

Chuck that sounds like a great idea if you are packing in and hunting where bait is legal. 

 I never thought of using pop-corn as bait until I read about it on this site.  Frying it in bacon grease to pop has got to be a stroke of brilliance.  I can’t imagine that bears would not love it and it would smell good enough to tempt ME.  Besides that, I consider bacon a camp breakfast essential so there would be no additional packing except the light weight pop-corn.  Good plan!     


Thanks for the idea,


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Good tip.

Good tip.

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We have a few restaurants that we go to and they give use there old fryer grease that they have, its good to get it after fish Friday!!!

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Frier grease and popcorn if

Frier grease and popcorn if that doesn't sound like some bear chum nothing is.