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Binoculars I believe are one of the most important pieces of equipment a hunter needs while hunting. A person who spends a great deal of time outdoors definitely needs to have a good pair of binoculars. Hunting binoculars are made for hunters who hunt in the highlands or in the bush, giving them a great advantage to spot, stalk.

One tip I have learnt over the years is don't be cheap on one of your most important tools in your backpack, remember you only get what you pay for.

Your binos can also have some other good uses. On an old set of 8 power I have there are marks on the focus dial that I have put there from the shooting range, by focusing in at 50 yrd - 100yrd - 150yrd and so on marking your focus dial every time you're turning your binoculars into a rangefinder.

Now many companies are coming out with an eye piece that doubles the power and can turn your binocular into more of a spotting scope.

Try matching your camera up to your eye piece for taking picture, this can be a great scouting tool for you to review when you get home.

Happy hunting!


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  I unfortunately needed to


I unfortunately needed to read your tip about 4 years ago.  I went cheap as it was my first elk hunt.  I quickly learned the hard way and struggled the entire week while trying to glass and see properly.  Did I learn my lesson and go out and buy decent binos the next year or the year after - no.  I saw elk certainly with what I had but if I could have seen them better and sooner with quality binos I may have been looking at a mount  here instead of a bare wall.  This year is different though.  After looking through my hunting partner's binos and comparing to mine I have finally upgraded to a quality pair.  Thanks for your tip four years for me in the making!



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This is a great one as I

This is a great one as I often used to joke that I would rather forget to take my rifle than go hunting without my binoculars. I have one pair of Leupold 8 power that I have been using for about 6 years now and another pair of Leupold 10 power that I just bought last year. These have been great binoculars and the warranty they come with is impossible to beat.

A person that has never used a good pair has no idea what it is that they might not be seeing before they move along to the next spot. Get the best you can afford and use them extensively.

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Thanks for the fantastic tip!


 I have never heard of anyone marking their focus dial and turning your binoculars into a rangefinder.

That is a brilliant idea.  I’m going to do it!       

Thanks for the fantastic tip!       


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thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

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It has always been said to

It has always been said to spend as much as you can afford on glass.  You won't be disappointed

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Definitely a must have.

Definitely a must have.

Great tip, you can't beat a

Great tip, you can't beat a good pair of binos

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Great idea on the rangefinder thought.

I have two pairs of Bino's, a pair of 10x power Stieners and 12 X power Nikons. Has really been worth the investment. Soon I would like to upgrade again.