The Best Buck Lures

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The best deer attractant going in a given season are those deer in the early part of archery season in October and early rut in November that are lying dead along the road. I have for years used the hocks off of doe's that were hit lying along the road . Remember couple things when thinking this one through. Deer move for a reason. One reason is a buck could of been chasing her when she got hit. There are many reasons why deer get hit by vehicles come Oct/Nov. We hunters know why does are running during this time.

Harvesting crops is one reason, farmers pushing them around

Some Does coming in early could be another.

Food source traveling to and from bedding.

Coyotes or dogs may be chasing them during the night.

Chase phase late Oct bucks feeling the urge when cool weather starts in.

Early stages of prerut. There are multiple reasons why deer get hit on the road and everyone knows the numbers start to climb when Oct. comes and the temps start to cool. All you have to do is read the local paper daily to see the increase in deer/car reports really increasing towards last part of Oct.

One for the record back in the eighties I put the word out to all that I knew, that would call me when spotting a deer lying next to the road locally. You see the later in Oct the better doe hocks start to turn darker brown from urination and are more musky smelling as the month progresses towards Nov.

If given the opportunity you want to investigate these road kills for the darker brown hocks. With a pair of latex gloves handy at all times in the truck or car and ziplock baggies on hand you are in for some unbelievable deer lure. There is one more item you need though and that is to go online and purchase uncut deer urine from a dealer who raises deer and sells uncut urine from does but buy the smaller bottles. I never purchased larger bottles because I did not want it aging on me. Fresh urine does not keep long before turning bad when uncut. With today's shipping you can have doe urine shipped quickly same day or next day. The next thing you need to do after removing hocks off the road kill is to salt both the flesh sides and place the two together flesh side towards one another and tie your drag string around them tightly and place in a zip lock baggy. If you get a large number of hocks you can place them in your freezer for future usage. Trust me on this one.

When ready for use pull out of zip lock bag spray down with fresh uncut doe urine and you're in business. I would refresh them if it was a long drag. The closer I got to my stand the more I would spray them. Remember a buck knows by the strength of a scent trail which way is colder vs hotter for direction. You want heavier scent going towards your stand. Remember if you have hunting friends knocking down does let them know if they don't use them this is another means of getting hocks.

I killed one good buck back in the eighties this way and let me tell you my stand was high enough to watch him half moon my position all the way to my stand each pass coming closer and narrower in pinpointing the exact location of where the hocks were hanging. I was in a super heavy thicket and I dragged those hocks downwind along the edge of the thicket all the way to my stand walked past my tree 10yds or so  and hung them up eye level. I wasn't in my stand thirty minutes and the sight of white ivory tines moving zig zagging back in forth locating the exact point of where those hocks were hanging. He ended up directly under me just burning holes ahead of my stand trying to find that doe that was so close but couldn't see her. He is hanging on the wall with the rest of the boys.

Just another way to improve your odds at killing good bucks. Nothing is better then the real deal when it comes to those road killed hocks and fresh urine from a deer farm. It may lead to your best buck ever. The secret is keeping them fresh with good uncut urine. Good Hunting



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Great Tip

I never thought that road kill would come into good use but after reading this i would say it could definetly help you bag your animal. Thanks for the tip

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Good stuff, Thank you

Good stuff, Thank you

Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip

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   Excellent!!! I may have to

   Excellent!!! I may have to try that.

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Nice tip.

Nice tip.