Bear Calling Tips

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There have been some tips on baiting bears, well this one is on calling in a bear. In most states out west baiting is not allowed. One method for hunting bear is calling. I have called in a few bear with this method. I start by finding an area with a lot of bear sign. I prefer to have someone with me for safety but if I go alone I'll have my head on a swivel.

In the spring I'll use a fawn or calf in distress call and in the fall I will use a rabbit or rodent distress call. Start off calling for 1-3 minutes about enery 5 -10 minutes. You have to be persistent on calling and call in an area for at least a hour. If there are bears in the area you will get them in, but you must continue to call, their attention span is about as long as my 3 year old's. So you have to keep them interested. Also try to call from an open area so you can see them coming. When they do come they're looking for a meal so be ready. Good luck


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Great tip. When I ever get to

Great tip. When I ever get to try bear hunting I will keep this in mind.