Bear Baiting Recipe

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I'm going to try this recipe this year after reading it. Calls for marshmallows, powdered Jell-O mix, syrup and granular sugar.

Use a pan on a single burner, fill halfway with marshmallows, 1/2 package of Jell-O mix, one quart syrup, and one pound of sugar. Bring to a slow boil for five minutes, pour over dog food, stumps, logs, etc. They claims it works every time!


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  I did a bear hunt in Quebec


I did a bear hunt in Quebec years back.  In preparation we went around to the local donut shops and ask if we could purchase or have any old glazed donuts that they would end up throwing out.  Many shops simply let us have them since they were going to be thrown out.  So just a quick tip - if you are in a state thal allows baiting make some calls to your local donut shops!


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Sounds good enought to eat to

Sounds good enought to eat to me except the dog food LOL. Good tip.

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Thats Cameron Hanes bear

Thats Cameron Hanes bear crack recipe, its in his back country bowhunting book. wish i could us it here.

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to bad

We can't bait in AZ. Ive been asking for bear advice in the forum, as I have never hunted Big Bear. Something I would love to do, starting now!

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good tip

Think I'll try that this fall or next spring!