Be Unpredictable

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Deer hunters spend so much time trying to pattern deer that we forget that we also can be "patterned." After all, most of us hunt the same days and the same hours, so it isn't difficult for deer to figure us out.

While we would never recommend giving up hunting the traditional moving times for deer -- early morning and late evening -- it's important to keep in mind that deer will move at other times of the day. Sometimes hunting through lunch, or getting in your stand earlier than usual for an evening hunt can do the trick.

In addition to staying on stand through the lunch hours, another thing you can try is hunting through the week. Sometimes deer let their guards down when there are fewer hunters in the woods. Whether it's the slamming truck doors in the pre-dawn or some other "sixth sense," whitetails tend to know when hunters are in the woods. Give them a surprise and try to make it out there a few days that you normally wouldn't hunt.


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 Great tip here, I have a

 Great tip here,

I have a sleeper spot that I always check out when things get a little tight for time or I'm not seeing much anywhere else. I found a small patch of brush only 50 yards from a trail that a lot of hunters use to walk into the area after parking in a small area close to the road. This place is only 200 yards from the parking area and overlooks the trail being used.

Almost half of the times that I have checked this spot it has had deer in it that knew the hunters would walk right by on their way to better hunting farther back.

Unfortunately for the deer I was the only unpredictable one that had them figured out instead.

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tried it today

Today was the last day of hunting I'll get this year. 

Just for fun I went places I'd not yet been this year looking for white tail. 

l found 9 beds all together! 

Why didn't I try there sooner!

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great tip, thanks

Its a good reminder.  I can't tell you how many times I get deer when other hunters head home for lunch !

Whitetails know what we do

Spot on! Great tip to share.

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good tips fire, thanx

good tips fire, thanx

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Great tip. I try to have alot

Great tip. I try to have alot of locations to hunt so I'm not staying in the same pattern hunting one stand all the time. I also try to mix up morning and afternoon hunts and not just hunting all day.

thanks for sharing

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All great tips.!!!!!

All great tips.!!!!!