Baiting Deer

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Where its legal to bait for deer here is a tip. If you're using oats or corn in a area where its not practical to use a feeder or just testing a new spot try using a half or full bail of alfalfa, spread it out and dump your corn, oats or what your preference is on top and let it fall through. This will cause the deer to work for it and leaving the alfalfa for them to eat when the rest of the feed is gone. Great place to set up a cam!


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Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip - I I ever get a chance to hunt wehere deer baiting is legal, I'll keep this in mind. 


Here in NY we can't even feed them when teh season is closed!  This is in response to the concern over chrnic wasting disease and trying to stop the spread by avaoiding nose to nose contact at feeders  - or so the theory goes anyway.

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Great tip, thanks for sharing

Great tip, thanks for sharing

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Good tip.

Good tip.