Back Door Exit Strategy

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One for the Young at Heart in trying.

Whitetail hunting can be fun when you and a hunting partner want to make for some fast action during mid day hunts after morning stand hunting is over and waiting for your evening hunt. Few years back I wanted to demonstrate one of my methods to my son how two guys can make for some fast action during mid day hunting. The set up is for two people when the crops are usually off and the only cover left is thickets and woods or CRP fields. This is to be executed with one person slipping into the very edge of standing timber quietly usually downwind and bordering existing  adjoining cover touching the outerside of the woods for a Buck to escape into. Once the person is in place (climber or ground cover)  the other hunter will walk in moments later behind this person on the same side as the spotter is located just on the downwind outerside of the timber 10yds or so at a very slow snails pace and to let yourself be seen out in the open. Keep walking 10yds or so and stop for half minute repeat this until you went at least 2/3 of the way around perimeter of woods and then cut back in finishing out the set up heading back towards your partner. I really like to do this when the snows are on.

When small game hunting as a kid with my dad I learned years ago that deer aren't as eager to leave a woods as long as they can visually see you and aren't pressured hard. My dad and I use to walk edges of timber up against grain fields for rabbits when the snow had first fallen and we would always be following fresh deer tracks in the fresh fallen snow on the edge of the woods with the tracks staying just inside the timber but out of our site with the deer never leaving the woods. I picked up on this when I was a young kid hunting with dad and when I got older I used it to my advantage when you want to make things happen on a given day during mid to late season whitetail hunting. This works in any state where cover is not so dense. More open areas of agriculture states.

I assure you that if you practice this in areas where timber is far between each other deer will stay in the cover that your in moving just ahead of you circling back around to the awaiting hunter. I usally try to find where another patch of cover is bordering close by for deer to exit if they decide to. And this is where you want your stander posted. This is allot of fun and two people can leap frog from one place to another making for a fun day of mid to late season hunting when the snows are on with bow or gun it works both ways. You can do this on a really small patch of timber but if this is the case place the stander in  adjoining cover instead of walking up to the timber to post in. We done this in 2002 and scored on my sons biggest buck ever 157 inches. The old Buck pulled the back door exit on us but my son was watching and waiting for him as I was slipping around the outside edge of the very very small woods. I actually could see through this small patch of timber but I never seen him trying to escape. The Big Buck sit tight until I passed by and then he got up watching me every step of the way all the while he was exiting out the backdoor the way I just came in from. The trick in this set up is you want to be seen at all times.

My son was waiting for him when he stepped out down a fence line connecting adjioning cover. He got to watch the entire process unfold before killing him. The Buck would move 10yds or so and the old Boy would stop and look back at me then put his head down move another 10yds or so and look back again to see what I was doing. He done this the whole time while exiting the woods the snow was on and my son got to watch his crafty ways for 60 or so yards before stepping out to head for other cover behind my boy. The old Buck took the line hook and sinker and thought he was slipping out without me knowing about it but to his demise he is hanging on my sons wall. This is how they get big folks. When the snows are on it is the best time to learn a deers crafty habits. Over the years we have had allot of fun doing this set-up bowhunting late season in Ohio. Our deer season runs from the last week in September into the first week in February. Allot of days to make things happen.

This works and for you young guys and gals looking for something to do on a slow day of hunting whitetails or a long cold boring winter day lace up those boots put on your garb and hit the timber or thickets and give it a try. It was my son's most successful day of hunting by far. Good Hunting and Good Luck, its always a good thing to have.



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Great tip!  You are talking me in to going out to find a hunting partner so I cann try your strategy.  Most of the guys that I "hunt with" hunt alone on the same property.  We go out on the same day on the same property but just to cover more ground we are really hunting alone at the same time.

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Back door deer!

Great tip!

Great buck!

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Awesome buck and greta tip

Awesome buck and greta tip thanks for sharing.

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Great looking deer, thanks

Great looking deer, thanks for the tips.

Good stuff and nice trophy

Good stuff and nice trophy

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Great tip, great buck!!!!!

Great tip, great buck!!!!!