Archery Target For Around 10 Cents

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What do you do with those empty nylon feed bags or dog & cat food bags? Can you say recycle? I use them for target practice for the youngsters. Take your empty shopping bags, stuff them into an empty nylon feed bag. You can also use old clothing or rags, (but put them in the bottom so it doesnt get top heavy). When your bag is full, fold the top over, punch some holes into the top and zip tie the top shut. Paint, draw, paste, or have the kids decorate their new target. Set it out 10 or 20 yards and let them have fun shooting.


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HUH... that's a great idea. I

HUH... that's a great idea. I have a lot of those nylon bags and a few cat food bags. I will try to make a few for my kids. I'm sure they will just love them. I can take them to the archery range and let them have at them. And it's a great way to get another use out of them. I might need to hurry though my state is trying to put a ban on those bags. The city of Portland banned them earlier this year and now the state is fallowing suit. But I really like this Idea, it seems really cheap and fun. It's evn something the kids can do themselfs.

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That’s not a bad idea for an economical target - thanks.

That’s not a bad idea for an economical target – and with the paint on them they work just dandy for the kiddos.  What I use is cardboard boxes with the big pieces of Styrofoam blocks that you get in a lot of mail order packages, new appliance boxes, etcetera inside .  You can draw on the flat cardboard surface of the boxes with any marker or crayon to make your favorite game animal or goblins to shoot at.  But I don’t see any reason that those empty nylon feed bags or dog & cat food bags wouldn’t work well if you stuff them full of just about anything from old bags and newspapers to sawdust.  You could use pretty much anything that an arrow’s target point will stick into for filling them up with.  You could even use raked up leaves in the fall if you packed them in tight enough to stop the arrow from going through.  Or you could use your lawn’s grass clippings from your bagger mower in the summer!    

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on making up inexpensive archery targets.  Every little bit of savings helps get us through the budget crunches these days!  Speaking of that – backyard archery is itself a great way to save money.  There is no need for a couple $10 movie tickets if you take yourself and a spouse or child out for an evening of archery practice or even backyard tin can plinking with air guns or 22.s  Not only is it quality family time – it’s cheap and enjoyable to boot!   

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That is a really good idea.

That is a really good idea. We always have extra cat and dog food bags, withe the dog and cats that we have. I will have to give this a shot and put the kids to work.

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Thanks for the tip. I just

Thanks for the tip. I just may give this one a try this year. My block target is starting to get pretty bad.

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Thats a pretty good idea. 

Thats a pretty good idea.  Shrink wrap used from wrapping loaded pallets and such make a great filling also!.