Adjusting Powder Measure

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Having problems adjusting your powder thrower for a particular charge weight?

Sure you are .. We all do ..

Well here is a shortcut I "discovered" a couple years ago ..  This one took thirty years to figure out, and I am sure that I am not the first to use this method.

Turn the adjustment screw for the charger out a good bit.

Weigh the charge you want to throw on your scales.

Dump the weighed charge into the "empty" powder dispenser.

Now turn the handle about half way between the load and dump positions, so the powder charger opening is against the dispenser wall.

Turn the adjustment screw in until you feel firm pressure.  With a little practice, you will get within a few tenths of the desired weight.


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Great tip for the folks that

Great tip for the folks that can use it. I bow hunt and rifle hunt sometimes now and have never reloaded, if i ever get into reloading (which i want to try) than i can use all the tips you and the fellow members have to offer. Thanks for sharing

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  My dad owns one rifle which


My dad owns one rifle which hasn't been used in quite a while. The one great thing about this web site is there is alot of great information on it, even if you don't use it. Someday I might do that and I can just come back to BGH and look up what to do. Thanks for the tip.   

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Makes sense

Thanks for good, logical tip JackHamr.  I have been reloading for over 30 years and didn't think of that one.  I usually just do a trial and error of setting the measure, pulling a charge and weighing it.  Then readjusting and doing the same thing over until I get it right where I want it. 

I am anal on my powder weights.  I weigh every load precisely.  I will add or delete powder on each load to make it perfect.  I don't know that just a few small grains of powder (I don't mean grains of weight) make a lot of difference, but since I'm doing it, I try to do it right.  I pride myself in having every cartridge exactly the same.  I don't want surprises in the field.

I do like your idea of how to get it done quickly.  I have a Lyman powder measure and it can be tricky getting it right.  I'll give this a try..... it sure can't hurt any.

My son bought a RCBS electric digital measure and he says it's amazing.  They sure don't come cheap though.  And since I enjoy my time at the reloading bench, I am OK with doing each one more slowly.  If a guy was loading a lot of ammo, I would invest in the digital measure.

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That’s a new trick to me Jack.

That’s a new trick to me Jack.   

 Anything you can do to save time and still reload safely is worth doing.  It sure can be a time consuming process sometimes.  Good tip, thanks for sharing it.      J   

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Great tip. I don't do much of

Great tip. I don't do much of the powder any more. I'm pretty much strictly a bow guy. Every now and then I will do some target shooting with it so I will have to try that and see how it works out. Thanks for the tip.

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For those who use that type

For those who use that type of powder measure I'm sure that's a great tip. People are always looking for better ways to expedite their reloading process. It sounds like would be a definite advantage.

I don't do a lot of shooting, so I only reload every couple of years. I just weigh every load. I have a set of Lee powder measure "dippers" (for lack of a better word), and I use the one that's closest to what I want and dip the powder out of a bowl. I then pour, shake and sprinkle the powder onto my scale until I have the exact amount for each cartridge. It takes a little longer, but I enjoy doing it that way, and like I said, I only do it every couple of years.