Adjustable Power Scope

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It can never be said enough, if you have heard it time and time again or if it is the first time you have ever heard this. If you have an adjustable powered scope, keep your scope to its lowest setting while walking/hunting. If a long shot offers itself you will most likely have time to adjust the scope. I am not an expert by any means but, I have already seen numerous times including my own errors when I have had the scope set at a high power from practice and forgot to set it back and when a close quick shot presented itself, I couldn't find the animal looking through the scope. Keeping it set at lower power without a doubt would have ended with a harvested animal.


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Thats a good tip that I've

Thats a good tip that I've always followed, I've come across other hunters in the woods and seen thier scopes up on high or even on 5 or 6, oh well. good one!

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Not only is this a good reminder, but...

Not only is this a good reminder but beyond setting your variable power scope on the lowest setting – consider the same effect when you are picking out a scope.  The lowest setting may be too much.  I had a fairly low power scope a straight four times magnification that I thought was plenty low enough – until a deer jumped up at ten yards and I couldn’t snap a shot because 4x at ten yards is WAY too much magnification to use effectively.    

 Had my scope been a 1-4X or even a 2-8x I could have easily made the shot.

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I have always left it on low

I have always left it on low power

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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Good tip

I can remember pulling up my gun once and all I could see was hair, lesson learnt!

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It only takes one time to

It only takes one time to learn that lesson.  I too have done it.