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Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
The Race Was On

I can still hear the music of the hounds as they sang "treed" across the canyon.  Their voices had changed from the erratic bawling and howling to a series of staccato barks no longer moving through the dense underbrush and trees of the lush countryside.  This was what I'd come to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington to hear; the announcement by a pack of hounds that they had treed a bobcat.

Idaho Hunt

I've done some traveling to hunt with friends and such is the case when we took a trip to Idaho to try our luck at Elk hunting. I've always wanted to try this kind of a hunt because of the many times I've seen it on TV so through a person that I have known for a while named Jack who lives in Nampa,Idaho and regularly hunts Elk, was kind enough to invite me out for a hunt. We made plans to fly into Boise and he would pick us up at the airport and then travel to his camp site up in the Sawtooth mountain range.

Big Manitoba Bear Down
Chris Murphy

I had the most crazy and amazing hunt of my life! I have hunted bears for years and finally got a color phase bear, but not without a few hurdles. I traveled from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thompson, Manitoba an 8 hour drive and stayed at my friend's place Trapper Mikes Outfitting.

The One That THOUGHT He Got Away
Quinton Hill

This was a great third season Colorado muley hunt for me. It started three days before the season started when a new guy at work started talking about maybe getting an OTC elk tag, but did not know any of the country around here. As we talked I felt he was a pretty good guy and I was not going to be hunting in my usual hunting spot, due to the deer tag I drew, and asked if he would like to go up with me. Of course he said yes!

A Bird for a Bird

In April of 2010, my wife and I, along with our oldest daughter, flew across the country to Maryland to take part in the ceremony of our son Kevin becoming a Bird in the Army.  What an incredible experience that was!

In March of 2011, I received a call from the Bird, telling me he was speaking at a sports medicine conference in SLC at the end of April and if things worked out, he was thinking about swinging up to Washington to spend a few days with the family.  Knowing how to lure him in, I asked if he was interested in doing a little turkey hunting while here.  He was on his way. 

Last Family Deer Hunt

It has been 5 (initially I thougt it was only 3, but I checked the date on my picture) years since I've hunted Ohio for Whitetails. I distinctly and fondly remember my last hunt there at the cabin with my family. My Uncle Dick, Cousin Chris, my second cousin and bloodbrother Kurt and myself. Just the memory of the exceptional season we had makes me feel closer to my kin. Even though times have been tough for all of us and work is more scarce, it brings me joy to think about the lightheartedness of the deer cabin.

The Hog Hunt of Love

Every hunt has a specific part of it that makes it truly unique from other hunts I've gone on over the years. This hunt brought together my four closest hunting buddies at a time in our lives when we were still excitable and irresponsible and remains one of my funnest memories of my teenage years.

Thunderstorm Thunderchicken

During college, living the fast life, I finished my finals early to catch some good spring turkey hunting and meant to pick up my uncle along the way. He came up with something important to do that evening when I passed through so he was going to drive down and meet me the next day. I arrived at his hunting cabin a little before nightfall, so I took my binos out to my favorite field to see if I could see some birds.

My First Deer

Most of us look back at our first big game kill fondly. It started a chain reaction of events that defined our lives and shaped our hopes and dreams giving us courage and helping us make new friends. Killing my first deer was exactly that for me. I started hunting at 12, as soon as legally possible. From my adult perspective, putting a shotgun in the hands of an unsupervised 12 year old is completely reckless, never would I consider allowing this to happen now, but they were different times.

Hunt Swap

Since there was some talk about adding a hunt swap feature to Big Game Hunt, I decided I would describe one of the hunt swaps I have done in the past.

It began with a question about whitetail hunting. Initially, I met another guy in a hunting forum who was torn up about the idea of hunting a whitetail. He, being from Oregon never had the opportunity to hunt them. I however, was interested in the idea of hunting something different, so we agreed to try to show each other around and help each other take our desired game species.