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My Big Brother David

I have two brothers – David is my older brother and Joel is my younger brother.  David is 5 years older than I and Joel is 5 years younger.  Dad and Mom planned their parenthood well based on their financial well being.  They bought new cars every five years too!  Hmmmm...

Two Years in the Taking
Earl Garrison III

Back in the Summer of 2009  I was going to be hunting a City wide area hunt that happens every two years. It was Hot Mid summer time, and I set my feeder up early. I Wanted to get the deer coming to the feeder well before season. I set my Bushnell game camera up to watch what was coming in to eat. For weeks I pulled the chips from my camera and watched Doe after Doe feeding. Most of them coming in around 10am, and just before dark.

I'm Hunting Wabbits!

My Dad first introduced me to hunting when I was around 10 years old.  My very first firearm was my older brother’s used Daisy BB gun.  It was okay that it was used because it became MY BB gun.  It was the lever action type.  Dad would have me set up targets in the back of the garage and we would walk out just past the garage door and perform our sighting in and shooting practice. 

2000 Bear Hunt

My brothers and I had long discussed doing a bear hunt with Dad. With my return to my home state it was time for acting upon those discussions. In March of 1999 my brothers and I attended a Cleveland Sport and Outdoor show at the convention center. The time with my brothers walking around the show is a memory in itself but that story will not be told here. We stopped at many of the bear hunting booths that day and gathered a great amount of information and specific details on bear hunts – several guided western US hunts and those offered in Canada.

My 2010 Ohio Whitetail Hunt

Having retired in August of 2010 and failing to harvest an Elk during 1st rifle – no scratch failing – I learned a lot of what I need to do differently to be flexible in my hunting plans.  After coming home empty-handed and my wife seeing me moping around the house, she suggested I call Dad and make arrangements to go there over Thanksgiving and participate in the 2010 gun season for whitetail. I love my wife. She was working at the city hospital and going to school. She wasn’t going to be home much of the time anyhow. So I decided I was going. I love my wife.

A First at Age 45
Shawn Clark

I have been deer hunting since my 13th birthday. Up until 2008, I believe, the Ohio deer season opened the first Saturday in October. Then, it was changed to the last Saturday in September in 2008. The first three years I attempted to take a deer in September and failed. I had a few opportunities but just couldn't pull it off. This year I was hoping it would be different.

Michael and Uncle Mike

Back in 1999 I was promoted to an Operations Manager position within the Company and relocated back to Ohio, 30 minutes from where I grew up.  One of my fellow Division Ops Managers was Michael.  Michael had been in the same position as I for a couple years already and was my mentor.  Michael was originally from Pittsburgh and managed the state of Pennsylvania while I managed half of Ohio and half of Michigan.  I didn’t know it at the time but Michael liked to hunt.  He just hadn’t gone for the past several years. 

2005 Triple Double Play

It was deer season (whitetail) again and this year, 2005, would be my best year personally – and the one with the most venison in the freezer.  Ohio’s bow season starts in September and goes through January while the primary gun season (shotgun/no rifle) starts the Monday after Thanksgiving and runs through the following Sunday.  Since then Ohio has added a second gun season – but I won’t waste your valuable reading time on detailing that.  I’m setting the scene here though.

My First Buck

The year 2000 was quickly approaching and everyone at the end of 1999 was worried about Y2K. Not me. I had just finished my Ohio Deer season at my Dad’s farm in Southeastern Ohio (Harrison County) and only harvested a nice size doe. Work had been keeping me from doing a lot of deer hunting over the years but with what deer hunting I did complete I only had a couple of doe's to my name. This was not acceptable to me. So my focus was not Y2K but rather what am I going to do differently October and November of 2000 during bow and gun season for Whitetail.

My Hunting Heritage

I’ve lived in Colorado now since April of 2007.  When the wife and I first moved here I only had six very short months to learn the draw system, determine a place to hunt, complete my Colorado hunter education certification, and set up time off from work. It was my work that brought us here to Colorado in the first place. I was an operations manager and had outstanding experience and expertise in fixing broken management and their operations.