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Bad Start to a Great Hunt
Lance Jackson

I had been looking for a hunt out west for a couple of years but found them all to be too exspensive. Being a collage student working summer jobs my budget was very thin. Then one day while looking at a bunch of western game and fish websites I stumbled across the wyoming leftover antelope tags. I was over joyed to see that a. they were over the counter, b. there were alot left and c. they cost $34 each! I called my friend and hunting partner Tyler about getting these tags. We waited till the day they went on sale and bought three each.

My First Moose Hunt (Shiras Moose)
Bob Solimena

The camp was really nice, nestled on a Lake full of trout……Way up north in British Columbia, Canada….Carp Lake to be exact…

Terrain was heavily wooded with thick blow downs from the beetle infestation from years before….Travel was mostly by boat to different parts of the lake and then to treestands….

I was with two friends of mine……We shared two guides the first night hunt… Jerry was with one guide and Ramon and Me were with the other guide..Mike……

Trials and Tribulations (the final chapter)

Some of you have followed my various online posts in the forum as I rediscovered my passion for the outdoors and hunting. For those that haven't, here's a short recap:

2011 Colorado Archery Elk
Ryan H

As you all may know hunting (specially bowhunting) isn’t always about harvesting an animal. It’s about the brotherhood of you and your pals out on the hunt, the stories to be made, and most importantly the past time that was passed down to you from generations upon generations of hunters! For me 2011 Archery Elk in Colorado was a different year. It was a year that I no longer had to come home unsuccessful, saying only if this or that would have happened... anyone who has ever hunted elk knows exactly what I mean!

East Coasty Hunting Tale
Mike Skelly

In inland Washington they view folks from the coast like we in upstate New York think of folks from New York City.  To be called a "Coasty" is a mild insult meaning that you are somewhat incompetent.  I'm an east coasty.  But I had a great hunting trip in Eastern Washington thanks to Arrowflipper and our mutual friends. 

Thomas' First Deer

Thomas is my middle son.  He will be 24 years old this December.  I have written several stories with and including my youngest son, Nikolas, as he has been out hunting most with me but this one will focus only Thomas.

2011 New Hampshire Moose Hunt - A Success!
Swamp Donkey

After several months of scouting in WMU I1, the hunt was finally here! Warm temperatures and windy conditions and an abundance of food sources made this year's hunt a hard one, at least in this unit. The moose seemed to be away from the cuts, at least the cuts we were hunting, there were a few taken in cuts but for the most part the moose had other ideas on where to get their fill. The rut was long past due by at least a week or 2 which made calling seem useless. It was a matter of finding moose outside their typical feeding areas.

Lessons Learned

This story starts at the end of the 2010 elk hunting season. It was my first year of bow hunting. I went home empty handed but had a few chances at some bulls.  But being new to the whole archery thing I blew a chance and the wind blew a couple more. During the months prior to hunting season I became fascinated with the idea of going on a backcountry hunt. I bought Cameron Hanes’s book Backcountry Bow hunting and read it front to back 3 or 4 times. I already had the season planned out so my back country adventure would have to wait.

Hunter XYZ's Elk Hunt

In my last story I had described how I called in a rag 4X4 and my hunting partner, Deb, dropped her first elk and a bull elk at 35 yards out with one shot.  In that same story I had mentioned Hunter XYZ had joined us for this elk hunt.    I am about to describe in detail a hunt completed by a novice big game hunter who I thought had some big game hunting background… only to find out he did not.  The escapade… I mean the hunt is about to unfold.

Her First Elk - A Bull Too!

From my bull elk story you are aware that my hunting partner, Deb, showed up Sunday afternoon just in time to help me haul out my 4X4.  My tag was filled but we still had three days to fill her bull tag.  Since the national forest appeared to be a bust as I had not seen or heard anything from Thursday evening till Sunday late morning the plan was to go back to the private property at the very start of the morning.