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Colorado 21 1/4" Green Skull Bear
Mark Taylor

WOW... Thats a big bear!!! Thats what I hear from almost everyone who looks at this bear...

With a green skull measurement of 21 1/4, this bear should make Boone and Crockett record books after the 60 day waiting period with no problem. 20" is the minimum score needed.

Lessons Learned

As I reflect back on the past year I wanted to share more of the lessons I had learned in hopes that another beginner may find something I type of use to them.

I had hunted in the past with minimal success. Deciding what big game species I wanted to concentrate on for my first time hunting in over twenty years was an easy decision for me. It was almost as if it was predetermined being that I chose the most abundant deer species in the area. Selecting an area to hunt was a little harder but not much harder. My state uses a lottery system and one has to get “drawn” for tags.

First Cow Elk Hunt - Best Laid Plans For A Bust

Having had what I considered great success at the bull elk hunt this year I figured the cow elk hunt, the original plan for the 2011 elk hunt, would be just as easy.  I could not have been more wrong!  The bull elk hunt was a success or at least easier because I was lucky enough to get a left over bull tag for the 1st rifle season while they were still in rut and even luckier that there were at least two herds of elk in or around the private property we were hunting.  The bull tag was just an “extra” hunt I was able to pull off with the wife.  The cow elk was the real deal, or in this case is still the real deal - luckily.

Mr. Crabclaw

I will never forget the image of this big guy walking out of the woods, but it all started about a month ago. I set up my trail camera in one of the spots that I planned to hunt and boy was I surprised! I got a perfect shot of this 12 point buck on my family farm. He's the biggest one we have seen in years. I joked around saying that this was the deer I was going to take this season, but to my surprise, I really did.

Thanksgiving 2011 Hunt

During these times of holiday festivities hunting can sometimes be a family affair or it can be put to the wayside for the time being.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a fairly uneventful day for us. My spouse and I decided that since it was a day off for me, and her as well, that we would go out and do a few things that we both like to do. I wouldn’t get to hunt as hard as I like but I would have good company, my wife and two dogs. I would also get to do some four wheel driving which gives me the perfect excuse to test my new tires.

The 45 Year Buck
Sean McV

Well, 45 years ago, that’s where this story starts.  6 years before my birth, when my Dad was 19 years old, his father passed away.  He was a big farmer and hunter.  As with most cases, the tools of the trade went to the oldest son. My dad was the youngest of 4 boys, and they all had sons, so to get to my Dad, well, he wasn’t holding his breath. But, as luck would have it, just before last hunting season, my Dad received a call, and shortly thereafter, he was in possession of his father’s gun.

I Wish I Had a Compound
Lance Jackson

As I sat there in my big ol' comfy stand, the one I always put in the same tree every year. A thicket the deer use to bed in front of me, a large oak tree on my right and a field on my left makes it a great stand location. But this year had been different, no one was seeing any deer. In my eight or so years of hunting I had never had it this slow. I was dozing sligtly, the chilly morning air blowing all around me, in dfferent directions I might add.

Big Canadian Whitetail
Buck Down

It was my last night of muzzleloader hunting. It was getting late, and the night was becoming dark quickly. I was feeling as if I would not be filling my tag for the second year. Although my hope was fading, I was still optimistic.

Emily's 1st Deer
Jeremy Swisher

Opening day for rifle season was approaching and I had plans to take my 15 year old daughter Emily.  Last time she went hunting was on a very cold day in Northern Maine as a 10 year old for youth day.  Never did get anything that day so we shot at some cans.  After that she hasn’t had any interest in hunting but still enjoyed the outdoors.  So on my birthday instead of spending a day for myself I spent it with my wife Angela and went shopping for camo clothes for Emily.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

Any Day Hunting Beats a Day at Work

Since my deer season was a bust, as I couldn't find the deer I managed to put a bullet in, I'm always looking for excuses to get out and hunt some more.

The past couple of opportunities have been, "spur of the moment," when the opportunity arises and I don't have family obligations that impede upon my fun. I do this as a way of getting out and exploring new country and also, as I tell the wife, exercise our two beloved puppies.