Wife's First Hunt

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I talked my wife into going hunting with me last spring, She had never been before and was kind of nervous about it. I bought her a bow and we spent the summer going to the range and practicing. Finally August 27th came and we headed out of town to my spot in the starkey unit in northeast Oregon (I've been hunting there for 10 years). We got camp set up and then we set up a 3d target to shoot a little bit. Just as we thought our bows were still shooting dead on. My wife got extremely cold and we had a cold front come through so the temps dropped really fast so I built a fire, we sat next to it for a little bit then decided to go to bed.

Aug 28th. Its opening morning, I could hardly sleep the night before and was up at 4:30am ready to go. We made our way to one of my favorite spots and started in on our 5 mile hike up to the top of a ridge. We jumped a few does and coyotes but no bucks or bulls. We finally made it all the way up and spent 2 hours glassing without a single deer. We decided to go back to camp for some lunch. On the way back we saw a nice little 3x3 whitetail on some private property so we just looked.

After lunch we went to an area I haven't been before. As we made our way through a small clearing we saw a really nice 3x4 muley. My wife was very excited she was shaking so bad. The deer was about 90 yrds out so we started our stalk, belly crawling from bush to tree to rock, we got within 45 yrds still about 10 yrds out of my wife's range. Just about that same time another hunter came storming out of the timber 150 yrds away and spooked the deer, I was very upset and my wife was bummed, but i told her that kind of stuff happens. The other hunter came over and felt bad for blowing our hunt.

After that whole debockle and by the time we got back to my truck it was time to head back to camp, on our way out we jumped 2 does and a small buck. My wife still wanting her first deer decided she wanted to have a crack at the little guy. So we got in front of the deer and waited for them, It didn't take long and the does poked through some bushes and headed right towards us, the wind was perfect and they came to 35 yrds, just about that time the little buck came through the bushes and was on the same path. I ranged him at 75 yrds. Everything looked like it was gonna work out, the does had no idea we were there, the buck was coming in on a string and then I blew it, my foot slipped of a rock it was resting on. Instantly the does spotted us hiding behind a bush. From there it was a cat and mouse game for 30 minutes. We got hissed at 2 times and they turned around and went up the hill. Being the first day we just headed back to camp and thought we could try again the next day.

When we got to the truck I had a msg from our babysitter saying our son was sick. At that piont my wife's focus went from the hunt to our son. We went to camp ate some food, talked and decided to go home to our little sick man. So our hunt got cut short by 2 days but oh well. My wife had a blast and keeps talking about going back next year. I told she didnt have to wait cause she can hunt again in Nov in our late hunt.


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I love taking my wife

I love taking my wife hunting...love to see the excitment on her face when we are sucessfull!

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She's hooked now

I think it's great when a family goes into the outdoors.Pretty soon the whole family will be there.

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thats what I'm hoping for.

thats what I'm hoping for.

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I can see it in her eyes.

Eyes don't lie,She is hooked.

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I bet. I still love that

I bet. I still love that feeling when I see those deer coming my way. It can be so intense.

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Sounds like you had a great

Sounds like you had a great time even though it got cut short. Hopefully you will make a hunter out of her.

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We had a blast, I'm sure I have her hooked. she kept telling me how bad her heart was pumping when we did the stalks.