Wife's First Antelope

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I took my wife (Jamie) antelope hunting for the first time in 2009.  She has been elk hunting and waterfowl hunting, but this would be her first time chasing goats.  After the 1st day and half of hunting and a couple of missed shots, one shot was a stretch and another should have been a slam dunk, but she is a trooper and I had faith in her.  After her second miss we went back to camp and I placed a milk jug at 150 yards and she smoked it and I think it renewed her confidence. 

Later that afternoon she decided she wanted to take a walk behind camp.  There is a drainage behind where we camp and it is common to see antelope in there, so off we went.  We had gone about 1/2 mile and I could see 3 antelope bedded down, 2 does and a decent buck.  From this point on is where it gets fun.  We had to go about 175 yards to the crest of the hill so we could get a good look down the drainage.  The next 100 yards we had to crawl on hands and knees, the last 75 yards or so was a belly crawl.  We get to the edge of the drainage and they still do not know we are there, so I proceed to pick the biggest doe out for her.  We watch them for about 10 minutes and decide which one to take.  At this point they are 220 yards away.  I tell Jamie that we need to wait for her to stand up and almost as if on cue they stand up and proceed to walk away from us slightly quartering away.  I begin to call out distances to her, 230 240 about the time I say 250 the gun barked and I saw a cloud of dust kick up, at first I thought she missed but in 20 yards she piled up and was done. 

I will tell you I was way more excited than she was.  We sat there for a minute and talked and she said she never heard me calling the distances out, good thing that the .257 Roberts is a great shooting gun.  Upon inspedction of the animal she made a perfect shot right thru the heart!! She also insisted on dressing and quartering her own goat, she also did a great job removing the backstraps.  I am so proud of you and love you very much!!


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She's a Keeper!

She's a keeper for sure

Congrtulations and thanks for sharing the story and the pics!

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great lope, thanks fo sharing

great lope, thanks fo sharing

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Great Job

Not to many wifes clean thier own game. I'd be proud to.Great Job.

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Great job on the antelope.

Great job on the antelope. Hope to see you get many more.

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Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your wife! Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thank you so much for posting

Thank you so much for posting her story she will be tickled.

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What a Woman!

If you are at all familiar with Louis L'amour books, you may have read one or more where this phrase was used - "What a woman!"

It was usually in reference to a western woman who wan't afraid to stand up to any man who was doing wrong, be he red or white.

Congratulations to Jamie on her first antelope. That was a pretty good poke for anybody.

Everything I hear about that .257 Roberts makes me wish that I had one. It sounds like one fine caliber.

Thanks for the story.

BTW - if anyone reading this hasn't read any of L'amour's books, you need to. They are great. Start with the Sackett series and read them through from the first to the last. (I think there are only about 30 in that series.)