The Urban Fox

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Arriving at work today I spotted the little fox running by the window of our building with a gopher in his mouth, a few minutes later I was walking between the 2 buildings and there he was sitting on the sidewalk. I walked back in and grabbed the camera from the office and went back to look for him. There he was about 20 ft from the building having breakfast, we looked at each other for a minute before he walk another 5 ft away and dug a hole and covered up his gopher and fled across the parking lot for the day.

Upon further inspection of the area he had stockpiled 3 gophers there. (If you look close you can see 2 of them at his feet.) I have seen him here before as well a coyotes and all other kinds of animal living in our city!


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Cool Fox

We see lots of Foxes in town. It always amazed me that the ones I see in town are always prettier than the ones in the country.

Cool pics

Cool pics

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Ya got to love the wild

Ya got to love the wild animals that make their homes close to us

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Cant say I've ever sen a fox

Cant say I've ever sen a fox out here

The Urban Fox

Nice pictures, neat looking guy. I rarely see any myself, lots of Coyotes though.


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Nice pics. Thats pretty cool.

Nice pics. Thats pretty cool.