Unexplainable Deer Story

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Hunting with my Dad, he walked the logging trail, I decided to walk thru the thick brush to move the bedding deer. I am walking the deer path and find this big 8 point laying there? And it was still alive. We put him down and could not believe what we were looking at.

We thought he was shot and just laying there to die. Then we notice his antler is pinned under a downed tree? You can see in the picture that he was thrashing for a while, we figure two days. He was about 90% thru the log. What are the chances, to find this? Needless to say, we were only 100 feet from the truck. We thought he was rubbing the tree or ran into it, but he is facing the wrong direction.


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good idea to take the photo.  I'm guessing that log might be froze down or have a limb embedded in teh ground.  For whatever reason the antler went under and the buck couldn't get it out.  Weird but I have seen similar.  When we kept goats one day I went to teh barn and a goat had put his head through the boards of teh box stall.  He could not get his head out and had been stuck there for hours.  I freed him but couldn't help but think if he got his head in - he ought to be able to get it out.  It took me a real effort to squeeze his head back through.  I think in the goat's case it had to do with the horns sweeping back in a wedge shape - narrow together at the base and tips wider apart so he was able to push in nose first no problem, but the wide horn tips just barely fit back through.  Maybe something similar was going on with the deer antlers....

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Very unusual for sure, You

Very unusual for sure, You would think if he slipped it under there in the first place he would have been able top free himself with all the thrashing aroud he did. Neve know though and does seem likr the best explanation.

Maybe what happened was...

Maybe what happened was you say you were close to the truck so I'm thinking the Buck got hit by a vehicle and was injured and just ended up falling there.

I probably would have freed

I probably would have freed the deer to see if it could recover, but to each his own. Thanks for posting the story. It's very interesting.

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amazing picture

This is an amazing picture and an equally amazing story.  The photo looks like the tree has been in that place for a long time.  BUT, the hole where the buck dug with his hind legs is pretty undeniable.  I would love to know the whole story.  OK, they killed the buck.... did they tag and keep it?  There's just nothing about this picture and story that makes sense.  I'm not saying or insuinuating that someone is not truthful; it's just a crazy thing.

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That an incredibly surprising story. I guess its a wonder they don't get those big antlers stuck on things more often though.


Sorry, I am not story teller, but there isn't any more to it. We only hunted like 5 - 10 minutes. I did have a hunting expert look at this and he figured that the Buck was bedded down and feeding on the green fern and when he turned his head to get to the roots of the plant, his antler slipped under the tree. I would love to hear any other ideas. Days after, we wondered if the buck would have made it if we broke the tree and freed him. His stomach had nothing in it and his intestines looked like air bags.  

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Thanks for clearing it up. 

Thanks for clearing it up.  That's just odd.  Sounds about as good an explination as any I can think of.  I guess you just run into weird things now and then.

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if a tree falls in the woods

if a tree falls in the woods and no one's around to hear it, will it still kill a deer?  



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Fascinating story...

This is truly a fascinating story, I wonder if there is more to it. I mean there is a deer laying and

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Man, I thought you were going

Man, I thought you were going to have a full story there!  talk about a cliffhanger!!! lol

That's perplexing, to say the least.  the log does not look like it fell recently, at least from the photo.  It looks older, and starting to rot.  Very odd.

We weren't going to post this

We weren't going to post this because it's so brief, but then thought maybe he'd come back and explain a bit more! It certainly is unusual.

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Well, it's a cool find, and I

Well, it's a cool find, and I wouldn't see any alterior motive for posting this, so it's probably legit, and he probably is just not a story teller.  Too bad too, cause that's a weird thing to find in the woods.